I took the new camera out for a walk today whilst Lulu was being pampered. I deliberately sought out shaded areas in the main. I wanted to test the high ISO capability compared to the Fuji. Well I think I can say with confidence that this camera is inferior in most if not all respects despite costing about 4x the Fuji. You definitely don’t get what you pay for. A few snaps from the walk:






What a shocker. And if this camera goes out at night it turns the world orange. It has the most bizarre white balance under artificial light. The shots are so bad I won’t post them. And don’t get me started on the ergonomics. I may grow to like it but I suspect it will get recycled quickly. Fortunately I have a buyer for the previous model that will offset 50% of the pain. What do I like better than the Fuji? Battery life.



17 thoughts on “M240

    • They are all shot at high ISO so they won’t be totally noise free Simon but its the way the sensor renders the tones I am unhappy with. I may pull the M9 from sale and keep it.

  1. I know you set your sights high, Andrew, and I would be tempted to persevere until you are sure it is not for you. . I have heard that the white balance is a know weakness, but they do say that the sharpness is unrivaled (though these shots do not seem quite as sharp as your normal work). That said, you need to be completely happy with such an expensive bit of kit and supply is often low on the Leicas, so you could likely sell it on at little or no loss. There are many times that I don’t want to lug my DSLR and all the lenses about and have had a serious think about a Fuji for casual days out. A Leica would be lovely but still have some big lens envy, so those are first on my list :0)

    • The sharpness is not a problem, James as I was zone focussing and shooting from the waist for some. In street photography I can live with some loss of sharpness if the content is strong. I won’t give up immediately but if I can’t take to it in a couple of months then I’ll onsell.

  2. Whatever you say, Andrew … 😐
    The junction box thinggy with the pipe leading up from it looks hideously like some kind of transfusion in progress – but it might be just me. 🙂

  3. Whatever camera, it would be hard to not like Happy the Blue Hippo. Were you able to chip in a couple of short ones?

    You and Sandra are making me want a Sony/Fuji. :O

      • A7r for landscape and flowers 😛 A7s might be better at low light and high ISO but only 12 MP and it is almost as expensive as the A7r (for whatever reason) 😮

        I’m really impressed with what Sony and Fuji have achieved in the past months. I have not even touched my 5D III / 6D since we are back from South Africa and even there, I used the 6D only for stars 😮 I think the only decision people must make between Sony and Fuji is if they want a full frame or a crop camera. Apart from that – you can’t go wrong!

      • I bought the 240 for street photography. The reports were that the high ISO was better than my M9 and the colour balance was improved now. I dispute both. Under artificial light the WB sucks. The 240 sensor produces files nowhere near as delicious as the M9. The method for doing exposure compensation is crazy. Other than blinkered Leica fanboys I can’t believe anybody would give it 5/10, let alone more. Oh well it was only £4,000.

  4. I have to believe this camera has a specialist subject (where it rips the competition)- but is not necessarily a jack of all trades.

    At that price…

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