I have worked each of the first three days this week. Not the full 12 or 14 hour stints I routinely put in when I was officially employed. Enough however to keep me mentally agile (?). And it will pay for the M240 I have learned to loathe in just 48 hours.

The flip side is that when I did get to Thursday my energy levels were low and the tank was empty. Then my back started playing up. So I feel it has been an unproductive day. I have, as far as I know, caught up with comments on my blog, read the backlog of blogs I follow despite the challenges posed by the Reader and I have walked around the supermarket with Mrs. Ha. That was arguably the least enjoyable part of the day. I enjoy Mrs. Ha’s company of course but at the mention of the word shopping I start to shake, gibber and eventually I go into some form of catatonic state. Unless there is a camera shop involved. In which case roles are reversed. Along with cashflow.

I went through the shots I took yesterday to see if I could convince myself that it was all a bad dream. The M240 had perfect white balance, the ergonomics were perfect and the frames were as smooth and dreamy as those of the M9 with superb high ISO rendering. Sadly nothing had changed. I think I am going to write the word Monochrom on the Leica and tell everybody it only takes black and white files. Because my only recourse today was to convert a couple to monochrome.

Marlboro Man

Marlboro Man



Tomorrow we go from Freeday to Friday and I have a little work in the afternoon but nothing too taxing. Next week is looking good. I want cooler weather and a chance to get out and about without the heavy gear. I have several books waiting to be read but the most stressful part is that Mrs. Ha has a Korean exam this week. A real one. And she is a tad agitated. Lulu can sense it. And so can I. It is at times like this that a man needs photography. But not necessarily an M240. I am off to lick my wounds.


13 thoughts on “Freeday

  1. I don’t understand why you can’t take your new and loathed camera back to where you bought it from. If it isn’t performing as a (highly expensive) camera should, you have every right to return it. Well, you would here …

    • Its functioning as it (apparently) should, M.R.

      Its a camera that polarises opinion. Some love it. Some loathe it. I loved its predecessor so thought I would love the next generation. Nope. Lesson learned.

      • Well, I still don’t get it. If someone who knows about cameras can whinge about its performance as you do, it can’t possibly be functioning as it should, surely ?!
        Oh never mind: it’s all above my head.

  2. Oops. We don’t always get what we expect. “When the expected becomes unexpected that is a problem.” One of my own little quotes.

    I like the monochromes very much.The top one is interesting and a nice capture.

  3. I recall a previous blog describing a joyous hat shopping experience. With an awesome box to boot!
    Good luck to Ms. Ha.

    • Ah Caroline, there is a world of difference between spontaneous buying and a planned shopping trip to the supermarket or mall.Mrs. Ha is revising as I write this 🙂

  4. Hope the exam went well. I hurt for you over making a judgement and monetary investment and then finding only disappointment. If there is no hope for the M240, surgery sounds the best option and you will no doubt know the best trade-in place.

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