26 thoughts on “Solid gold, easy action

  1. These are quite different for you. Very nice image of the upward looking Lulu
    That little comment about cardio visit sounded encouraging. Good news indeed.

    • Yes, Rod. My heart is back in rhythm but the rate has gone from wildly fast to just about still beating so stage 2 is to get me up to about 70 rpm. Yesterday it was 100+. This morning it was barely 40. The ‘reversion’ actually woke me up in the night it was so noticeable. Strange things, hearts.

      • I know what you are going through. Mine was up around 100 with the AF then dropped to about 60 once back in normal sinus rhythm.
        It certainly feels strange. Let’s hope it stays in proper rhythm now. It was 11 years after my first bout before I had a second.

  2. Divine Lulu is always a welcomed sight. Looks like she’s over her back pain.
    The gold abstract is excellent.

    • I think she is making a special effort, Yvonne because we saw 6 lab pups last weekend and I wanted to bring the runt home. 5 sisters and a poor afterthought of a brother from a first time Labrador mum. He was so affectionate.

      • Maybe you should consider the runt. Partially kidding. πŸ™‚ Labs have the best disposition and my two are the sweetest and friendliest dogs I’ve ever owned. At the same time they are excellent watch dogs.But maybe that are grateful they were rescued..

  3. Encouraging news about your ticker πŸ™‚ Always a sucker for your Lulu ‘Glamour’ shots but I really like the gold abstract one. I think our Col would be livid if we bought another dog in to our home now – to be honest, the thought of extra helpings of Yule Logs is enough to put me off too.

  4. Lulu is a star.

    And Thanks for the titular reminder, I’ll be thinking of T-Rex all day now: – Hey ! Hey ! Hey !

    They don’t write ’em like that anymore, Thank Heavens.

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