Time Out

Apologies for the time out but both Mrs. Ha and I have been in hospital. Different hospitals, different days. Adds to the spice of life. I had some unfortunate side effects from my AF meds and ended up in the hospital at 2am. Mrs. Ha has a nasty bout of influenza A and is still in The Sanatorium. I have nominally been in charge for about 3 days so not much has been done. It has been a tad stressful. Not to mention that my only attempt at a post has been irretrievably lost by WP. Gone, and never called me mother.

The only image I could think of to go with doctor and patients has to be……


Nurse…………. the screens! Its amazing what you see at the Hong Kong 7s. She seems to have collected rather a lot of stethoscopes. I knew I should have gone to med school.


22 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Our Broadband only works for seconds at a time, so I just want to say please look after yourselves, both of you, and may all your attendants, doctors, nurses etc, be of the kindest.

  2. This is not good to have both of you ill at the same time. I pray Mrs. Ha is getting healthier by the day. As for y0u, I don’t know what you have been taking, medication wise but I know those meds are really making it difficult for me cope with life in general. The weakness and dizziness are all but unbearable. And it’s beside the point that Flecanide is only working about 1/3 of the time. Nice photo of the young nurse.

      • Whatever that means.
        Probably that you feel absolutely shithouse, in truth. Mrs Ha has at least a phalanx of nurses to attend her …

  3. Chez Hardacre-med ward. Sounds like a 10 part series, which we hope is nearing its finale, wherein our hero and heroine dash the miseries to bits and dance in the moonlight. Haagen Dazs all around!!!!!

  4. Sorry to read about your adverse side effect and Mrs. Ha’s illness. Hope you have no more med issues and Mrs. Ha is more comfortable, quickly recovering. Flu A is brutal.

  5. Oh NO! This is sounding like an episode of Emergency Ward 10. I hope you and Mrs Ha are back to rude health soon. What’s Lulu cooking for your dinner tonight? 😉

  6. Sorry to hear your family medical problems. I thought Lulu would be in charge.
    I can’t believe you even take your camera to hospital!
    Stethoscopic cleptomania!

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