Peek a boo

Mrs. Ha is spending another day and night in the hospital. I went in at 7.30am to take a few bits and pieces. Later I will go again with a change of clothes. We are hoping for time off for good behaviour.

Of course that meant an early wake up call and I noticed the sky looked promising. Not the deep splashes of vermillion ketchup that have graced the horizon recently. This was altogether a more subtle, gentle, pastel pink. The salmon rising. So Lulu had to wait and I stepped out with the Leica M and hazarded a few frames. See what you think.


Salmon Rise

Low Horizon




14 thoughts on “Peek a boo

  1. Hope Mrs Ha is out and about very soon. Poor Lulu, photographer’s widow.

    What a beautiful view. I particularly like the last with the sun just breaking over the mountains.

  2. Mrs Ha will soon be home and I know that you are relieved that she is almost well enough to leave the hospital. The last pic is inspiring with the sun peeking just over the hill or mountain. The star burst effect is always a winner.

  3. Ooooh, I really like these. The contrasting shades of colour, the sharpness of the mountains, and light reflected on the water is magnificent. I think the power of Haagen Dazs has worked wonders!

  4. Beautiful views to start your day. All the best for a better day for you and Mrs. Ha.
    Also, I hope your daughter is steadily improving.

  5. Peek a Boo is what I’m playing with the Internet, I have to hit the button at a precise moment, or my comments are wiped. I hope Mrs Ha is herself again soon. I love those colours that are grey being warmed up.

    • It must be incredibly frustrating having intermittent access. We occasionally have down time but the providers always say it is our router. Mrs. Ha is still very tired and weak but on the mend, thank you Hilary

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