Sky Fire

Another early start (and finish). I shot from the house today as I was too late to get down to town. Dramatic lighting always helps.


The very early shots look strange because the clouds were moving fast and with a long exposure they simply looked ragged. It may have added to the sense of speed but still I left most in the camera or unprocessed. Just three others to show. Each has a progressively shorter shutter speed so you can see how the cloud effect diminishes.



Dawn3No filters on any of these except the standard UV.


Leica mania

I wandered around the town with 2 Leicas today, one over each shoulder. I wanted to see whether I still preferred the M9 sensor over the M. Answer: yes.

Here are some shots with perhaps a bias towards colour today. Starting with proof that it is not only Venice that has gondolas. She sang a terrific O sole mio.SKgondolaThen a trio of some local ladies. You can choose colour or glorious monochrome:


LadiesB&WHow about our star of the day, Jasper Parrot singing Motorbikin’? Well it isn’t every day you see a parrot on a motorbike. Jasper Parrot

And to round us off, a walk along the beach. No Kiss me Quick hats here.SeasideAnd a reminder that love is……. crashing out whilst she plays with her mobile phone.Loveis




Blue Pier

I set the alarm for 5am and headed out early. I was planning to do a couple of things – photograph the temple at night and check the sunrise.

I was surprised that the temple was already open. I wasn’t very happy with my images but here is a sampler.

Tin Hau Temple, Sai Kung

Tin Hau Temple, Sai Kung

I moved rapidly on to the sea front and started to work out where I would get the best compositions. I should have done this is advance. There were two spots. One close by the piers, which I really liked. Then further down I could see more of the actual sunrise and use some dragon boats in the comp. Long exposures and rising blue light. Here are a couple of ok shots.




Although sunrise was officially 06.02 there was no afterburn and I simply wandered back through the town. It was busier than I expected and lots and lots of people were out exercising. Long exercise-congas to music looked a lot of fun. I tried a deliberate motion blur.Morning exercise

I think I may have to try again tomorrow 🙂