Let’s go to the hopper

A huge thank you to everybody who left comments wishing Mrs. Ha well.  The status is much better today. I was allowed to bring her home yesterday ending a marathon shuttle between Sai Kung and Hong Kong. The major challenge is parking at or near the hospital but I was lucky. She finally had a good sleep after suffering from an extremely noisy neighbour on the ward. The fear was that she had developed pneumonia but the combination of a drip, antibiotics and a very good doctor allayed our fears. I just crashed yesterday after she was home and we both feel better today. Slowly her strength is coming back. We also have our live-in helper back after a month on holiday with her family. That means Lulu now has 3 people to look after her.

I opened the front door this morning and this grasshopper was checking us out. It stayed long enough for me to get the camera and we eyed one another for a couple of minutes.

Stenocatantops mistshenkoi

Stenocatantops mistshenkoi

There is no field guide that I know of for the Orthoptera of HK but there are a few species included in general field guides. This is a well-marked gropper and I am not aware of any confusion species. It seems to have a wide adaptability to habitat as I have seen it in several places. At F11 I was able to keep the whole of the grasshopper sharp.


33 thoughts on “Let’s go to the hopper

  1. Good noos about Mrs Ha – VERY. You’ll both start to perk up, now. Very bad for you to be sick in two different places. I have spoken.

    “Well, you can swing it you can groove it,
    You can really start to move it at the hop|per”

  2. So glad Mrs Ha is home and that your helper is back. It must have been very worrying as well as exhausting. Time for you both to take it easy for a while.
    Nice looking hopper.

  3. Great news that Mrs ha is home and gaining strength. Hope all is well with you too. Nice shot of the grasshopper.They give me the willies if one happens to land on me. And sometimes that happens when walking in tall grass, etc.

    • We do get some giant grasshoppers Yvonne – locust size. You would not like them but they are good to photograph. I hope you are feeling better too.

  4. Glad to read that Mrs. Ha is recovering well. Disrupted sleep is a major problem in hospitals, so getting her home will very much speed up her recovery. Best wishes to you both.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear your wife has been unwell – I’m woefully behind – and am delighted that she seems well on the mend. Fabulous photograph. There is something about crickets! Best wishes to Mrs Ha.

  6. That’s great news about your wife, Andrew, but I had to laugh at the picture beneath the good news. We picked up a friend who was in recuperation after a fall followed by pneumonia…and as we were wheeling her out of the ward, a grasshopper jumped out in front of us in the hall!

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