Take a hike

I decided today to test my heart with a walk up the hill. I sailed up – no sign of breathlessness. Maybe the meds are working. I have posted a series of images to Flickr but this was my favourite.

Sphenoraia nebulosa

Sphenoraia nebulosa

I thought at first it must be a ladybird but on closer inspection it is a different sort of beetle and my reference text leads me to believe it is Sphenoraia nebulosa.


19 thoughts on “Take a hike

  1. What makes this different from a ladybug ? I shall have to look it up.
    Glad you made it to the summit without symptoms Sounds like good progress pilgrim (John Wayne accent)

  2. I have to admire a fellow who chooses to walk up a hill to see how he is feeling. Too many of us check if we’re up to the hill and miss out on shots like these.

    • Its a stiff test, Simon but one I enjoy. There is always something to see and if the air is clear the views at times are worth it. I always carry a camera.

  3. So long as it isn’t a spotted lily beetle. I live in dread of them developing camouflage. I’m glad to hear the ticker got you up the hill, but sorry to note in your replies that it is not so good today. I may have missed it, but is a pace-maker involved and if not, why not? (Sorry, not my business really).

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