Lepidoptera and a Phasmid

My hill walk at the weekend produced a few leps and here are a moth and a butterfly. I’m sure you can guess which is which.

Heteralex unilinea

Heteralex unilinea

Ideopsis similis

Ideopsis similis

And because you all know I like sticks, here was my stick of the day.

Entoria victoria

Entoria victoria

Entoria victoria

Entoria victoria

16 thoughts on “Lepidoptera and a Phasmid

  1. The butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterflies I have seen – what a beauty! And the flower is just perfect as a background 🙂 I could live without the stick though…. still, nature is amazing!

  2. Love them all; but your stick of the day is fairly extraordinary, Andrew … I don’t think I’ve seen one in quite that … ahh … position before. I can’t quite get my head around it …

  3. Beautiful captures of the insect world 🐛
    Walking sticks are cool, although they do defoliate many trees. . 😯
    I can tell you the butterfly is on a lantana flower!

  4. Never seen a stick like that before! Didn’t realise there was more than one kind – beyond the ones we had in a tank at primary school as pets.

  5. I really like the contrast between the black and white patterns of the Ideopsis against the brightly coloured flowers Great stick too. The close up is very interesting

  6. Thanks for these stunning pics, especially the stick, they provided a moment of cheer after news of universal gloom or commemorations of similar. I will stop here, I’d rather dream of butterflies than chance any other posts.

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