A flavour of where I live

Uncle Mak

Uncle Mak

Reflections in Puddles

Reflections in Puddles

Unwanted additions

Unwanted additions

Shopping for veggies

Shopping for veggies

Gone fishin'

Gone fishin’

20 thoughts on “A flavour of where I live

  1. The unwanted additions make the heart break … and I know about them from personal experience (in Sydney, I mean). ****ing developers and ****ing local authorities. They don’t give a pinch of shit about maintaining any kind of joy in one’s environment: everything is about money.
    Sorry. You hit a nerve there.

  2. You know reflections in puddles has to be my favourite.
    Uncle Mac sure has Big Mac glasses.
    Too bad about the encroachment on your view. How tall will the additions be?

  3. Nice to see Uncle Mac is still going strong. The reflection image is my favorite! Wonderful.
    Ugh! Terrible to see unwanted development blocking your view. What a shame.

  4. You’ve captured a variety of experiences, Andrew, and every one–except the buildings being built and blocking the view–makes me want to visit and meet the people. Especially the veggie stand–I love open air markets.

    • There are some small stalls surviving, Marylin. Most shops are closing though because of the high rents. This one is very popular with people and cattle.

  5. I can understand you living there. I’m not much of a one for genuinely long-distance travel but I’d like to get a closer feeling for this part of the world at some point.

  6. Uncle Mak and his shop are my favourite. I could spend a small fortune in there, all those shiny buckets make me swoon. I’m with M-R about the unwanted additions 😦

  7. I remember Uncle Mak from previous posts, I think. He and his shop are very photogenic and I imagine he is a very interesting character. Very nice reflection image.
    Will those new buildings interfere with your superb view?

  8. I also love the reflection photo. I’d love to see more posts like this. I can learn about other places from a resident and your photos are so wonderful to see the environment through!

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