The new kid in town – Tonality Pro

If you are bored by the ‘technical side’ of photography, its time to switch off. I think its fun processing my images but I know for some its a big yawn.

The new kid in town is Tonality Pro from Macphun. It seems to be like Silver Efex Pro but rather more refined, elegant and versatile. I am using it on a 15 day trial but I will certainly buy it. It can be used as a plug-in to Lightroom and PS and currently it costs $69. About the price of a good restaurant meal.

Just to give you a sampler here are 3 images that I showed before with comparisons:

Tonality Pro test

Tonality Pro test

Compared to the old:

Uncle Mak

Uncle Mak

The Tonality Pro shot is slightly colour-tinted to sepia and has had a film effect and some faux grain added. To me it has a smoother finish, which I like. This is another TP shot, with a nice silky finish and a vignette.

Tonality friends

Tonality friends

Compare to SEP

Gone fishin'

Gone fishin’

And to make it easier, a side-by-side comparison.

Tonality pro puddle sbs compare

So which is Tonality Pro and which is Silver Efex Pro?

I have not done many of the video tutorials yet – that is for the afternoon session. This already feels like another great tool to have at my disposal but of course you still have to start with a decent image. I wonder if they can fix that for me.


15 thoughts on “The new kid in town – Tonality Pro

  1. The different to that first photo is very marked – it makes such a difference to the shiny surfaces such as the pans and the guy’s trousers.

  2. I think the user determines the look in both cases. I might give the Macphun software a try. Although the SEP conversion of Uncle Mak looks a little strong in contrast, I miss the metallic shine of his buckets in the TP version which seems to be lacking a bit of contrast to my eye. I prefer the one on the right in the third image, which I would guess is the TP conversion based on the previous contrast comparison above.

  3. I love the photographs but still find myself at the back of the class pretending to follow the technical stuff. Definitely not bored but a little further out than I thought.

    • John, for some reason your replies for the last week or two have all ended up in my spam folder. Apologies. I thought maybe you were away again. I have un-spammed them all now! And yes, US$

  4. I like the effect on the first image. Not do much in the fishing guys. But I like the left hand image if the reflections and increased detail.

    Have fun.

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