Landscapes and a lep’.

Another 5.15am start. Strangely the sun seemed to be earlier today and it was a bit of a race. This time I had my boots on. The tide of course was different and I started with a 14mm prime lens as opposed to the 10-24mm zoom (x1.5 for full frame equivalent). Later I switched to a 23mm prime with a polarizer. I finished with the big stopper on the 10-24 zoom. A veritable packet of Allsorts today. But which is which? It doesn’t matter. Here we go:

Nai Chung dawn1

Nai Chung dawn2

Nai Chung dawn3



I also found a rather nice butterfly, a Hesperiidae: Burara oedipodea belesis. My reference books say it is scarce / local but I have been fooled by that before. It may be as common as a skunk by now.

Burara oedipodea belesis

Burara oedipodea belesis

It certainly cooperated a lot more than the books say it should. A final image, neither landscape nor lep’ has snuck in and I need to find an ID.


Its been poor bugwise recently but I did enjoy watching a Common Kingfisher this morning and a trio of Common Sandpipers. They were in fantastic light but not much use with a wide angle zoom. They would have looked like dust bunnies. Ah well, the bright orange butterfly made my morning.

14 thoughts on “Landscapes and a lep’.

  1. Lovely landscapes! My favorite is the one with all the rocks in the foreground. Wish I could help you with your mystery bug but I’m next to useless when it comes to that type of thing. 🙂 Great set of photos!

  2. Like the new header. Images 1 and 3 are my favourites. I like the smoothness of 1 and the dramatic composition in 3.

    That final bug is an interesting creature and very nice close up.
    Funny you should be watching the Kingfisher today. I was watching a Belted Kingfisher but only able to get a distant photo to record it. There is something special about Kingfishers.

  3. This time around, I favor the single rock as I think it ties the image together much better than the previous which seemed to divide it. I think you’ve found yourself as wonderful spot.

    No surprise…I have no idea about your mystery bug and I know it will be revealed in your next post. 🙂

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