Quiz result

The answer to last night’s mystery bug ID was of course Leptocorisa acuta. Many of you sent in the correct answer but first out of the hat was Mercury Wong. Well done Mercury.

So tonight we have another quiz especially for MWPG. A clue: its a flower.


Its very, very easy so I want its Latin name please. (Brutus is not acceptable).

The only other offering I have today is (yawn) another ***** seascape.

Rock way

But wait, what peeks through the undergrowth? Yes its another lep!! Hurrah. Pseudocatharylla duplicella. One the good doctor identified for me (Dr. Roger Kendrick) and one indeed he has not seen in a long time. So I had two good leps in one morning. BTW this one is about 1cm in wingspan. Tiny little thing.

Pseudocatharyella duplicella

Other than that I had a trip to the scan clinic (clear) and a jolly fine lunch at The Club with a good chum. Sausage, beans and chips, bread & butter pudding, 2 buckets of gunner and a pair of coffees. And that was just me. But what is a gunner you ask? Wiki has the answer:

A gunner is a cocktail served in more prominent clubs and bars, especially those popular with expats, in Hong Kong and other parts of the Far East and India formerly under British colonial rule. It consists of equal parts ginger beer (or lemonade) and ginger ale with a dash of Angostura bitters and sometimes a measure of lime cordial or lemon juice.  It is noted for its refreshing qualities, especially in warm weather.

Just like school all over again except for the gunners. Herefordshire Education Authority couldn’t run to that. Actually they didn’t do B&B pud’ either. But then again Herefordshire wasn’t a colony whereas Hong Kong was is.

Time to clock off for the day. Goodnight all.


23 thoughts on “Quiz result

  1. Yesterday I found two trails of passion fruit vines with some roots on my doorstep. A friend has asked me to pot up and look after their ‘clematis’ that the builders dug up. I have a thing about lines of wood (or other) stakes in lines across water – so as many as you like.

  2. The flower is stunning, but I have no idea of its name. Also stunning is the meal you had–inc. gunner, which sounds very good–followed by coffee. It meal, and you enjoying it, would have made a good picture, and we could have suggested titles for it. 😉

  3. Congratulations on a clear scan. I can stand many lite of your five Star seascapes. Surprised you were prepared to admit to a five star anything 🙂 except maybe the club grub

  4. My guess is Passiflora caerulea! A blue Passion flower.
    I’d like a few buckets of gunner, too! Sounds delicious. My latest favorite summer drink is a peach gimlet. Refreshing!

    • Now that I examine the flower on my iPad, I can how obviously incorrect I am. 😦 Will be interested to read the identity.

      • Well a peach giblet sounds horrible! :-0
        Peach gimlet:
        Citric peach vodka
        Fresh lime juice
        Simple syrup
        Peach bitters
        Basil leaves for extra taste
        Maybe I’m being a bit presumptuous thinking you or a family member might enjoy this drink! Thought I’d share the ingredients anyway.

  5. Good morning my challenger!
    I was trying to be more exact, however I may be off on the species of this PASSION FLOWER, Passiflora edulis. There are 500 species in this family.
    This flower produces an edible fruit, which is high in vitamin c, iron and fiber. It can also tell the crucifixion of Christ, with the 5 wounds, et all. (Or – Et tu Brutus? or Judas, whichever applies!!)

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