Quiz result 2

Well the answer was Passiflora foetida. Any disputes should be addressed to the Government of the HK SAR Ministry of Flowers.

Regular readers may like to know that rumbling in the background is still the great washing machine saga. M blotted their copybook again today by turning up at 1pm for a 4pm appointment. We were out (again). And the technician did not speak Cantonese so Mrs. Ha refused to let him come back and sent him away with a flea in his ear. She cheered up later when she received her Korean exam results and passed with flying colours. Nevertheless Happy-Mealy-Man is now booked in again for tomorrow I believe. With added language qualification, I hope. Perhaps he will be a Korean speaker this time.

After a morning of work I am confined to barracks by the rain. Those paying attention will know that Mrs. Ha and I are off on hols next month. Les Grandes Vacances. The question is where do we spend our first 5 days? Well I looked back at the photos I took in 2008 to remind myself of what lies ahead. What a load of old rubbish. Hardly a keeper in there by today’s standards. Here is a selection of 3 so you can guess as today’s quiz option.



The latest fashion in headgear..... a pigeon

The latest fashion in headgear….. a pigeon

Clue: It is not Skegness.

Just in case it is all too much for you, here’s a bonus shot.


And I can’t do fairer than that.


19 thoughts on “Quiz result 2

  1. Oh, I do love that statue of Carlo Goldoni, he has such a friendly, happy face! Say hello to him from his Down Under fan.

    Lulu is such a cutie-pie.


  2. I have read that this was Venice. I’d not have known as I live a very sheltered existence here in the New England hills. And a pidge on a bronzed human is rather universal.

    Thanks for the twofer. A delightful portrait of the Divine Princess L and a pair of identical Mr. Ha selfies. 🙂

  3. How lovely, Venice after the summer holidays have finished. Hope it’s not too hot – we were there last August in 40 degree heat. Phew. Enjoy plenty of wonderful photo opportunities.
    ~Have recently caught up with your washing machine saga. Have experienced similar, now have a very reliable Mr B, who has been acting fine until a recent collusion with our temperamental tumble drier, Ms HP. He might be pining but he’s definitely on a work to rule slow down.
    Congratulations on the flying colours, by the way. Hope they don’t run in the wash.

    • Venice & Lulu. What more could a man want, eh Rod? Are there any good parables involving Pomeranians? The Return of the Pomeranian Son or something like that? Lulu fancies a fatted calf.

      • There is the story of the little dogs getting the scraps from the master’s table. But don’t think this would satisfy Lulu.

  4. Congratulations to Ms. Ha! Just out of curiosity, what language did the unfortunate technician speak? Can’t believe this saga continues!
    Already looking forward to viewing your holiday images.
    Lulu’s divine.

    P.S. Dead, sick pines removed yesterday. One neighbor came over to scream and yell at me that I was ruining the environment. Tree removal co men removed her from our property as she was so belligerent and I was stunned into inaction. My other neighbors apologized for not warning me about her. :-/

    • He spoke Tagalog. And some English but Mrs Ha was in no mood to compromise.

      Your neighbour sounds dreadful. Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant. Good for the tree surgeons. I hope she doesn’t come back.

    • Oh boy. I’ve had a neighbor or two like that. Usually a bit of pointed sarcasm does the trick. I’d rather a cold shoulder over repeat performances myself.

  5. So close on the passion flower. So little time to have fun in the blog world. .. sigh. Thank you for the challenge!
    Is that your lil pooch? What a cutie! My bff has 2 poms. They are very cute.

  6. The last two photos are spectacular! Venice would be a lovely destination… is that where you are going? Hope you have another wonderful holiday!

  7. You settle in for the night just as I fire up my computer in the morning, before the coffee is made. After the shot of the pup, I don’t need caffeine. !!

    Hope you have a large supply of socks and drawers, in your drawers.

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