The dodgems

Showers all morning. My HK Observatory app told me I could expect a 90 minute break in the rain so I went for it. Precious little doing today. Just this one I was almost happy with:


Its not good enough as one of the antennae is blurred at the tip but otherwise close to a pass.

I tried a different routine with the big stopper and was thwarted by rain. Then I noticed a tiny mark on the surface of the glass. It looks as if the coatings have been scratched. No idea how I could have done that but I am livid. It was a bad day yesterday and I basically didn’t go near WP, for which I apologise. Too many things to sort out in my mind right now.

I am not convinced I am using the filters right as I still see a lot of light fall off towards the edges but I don’t see any other way of doing it. I can correct in processing but that’s a drag. Any bright ideas?

Back soon……

29 thoughts on “The dodgems

  1. There is no worse critic than yourself! I’m sooo guilty of that. Sorry, I’m no help in the filter department.
    When I’m mad, ice cream usually helps. …

  2. Afraid I can’t help with matters blurring. Having spent part of Thursday trying to catch dragonflies on film and not getting so much as a blurred image, I continue to be in awe. How do you get those critters to stay still?

    • Either go out very early before the sun has warmed them up or catch them as here, after a rain shower. Cooler days are better. Patience is also useful. I fail a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Almost perfect! Wish my photographs were anywhere near perfect.
    You didn’t tellbusxwhat we were looking at. Great little climber that green chap.

  4. Although I have never tried it and not sure that I will, I have heard that using a black sharpie can fix a scratch on an ND filter. I don’t think a small scratch will show through all the time but it may add a flare from time to time.
    I understand why this shot is a fail for you but it is still good despite the blur.

  5. It’s true. Lens scratches do affect sharpness. This instance looks more like depth of field than a lens scratch.

    This bug needs to get on top of the stick! Makes me dizzy lookin’ at it. Maybe it thinks it’s a walking stick or something.

    Hi Andrew!

    • This is DoF for sure Eb. The scratch is on the ND filter I was using for sea shots. I can’t see it in the image but I bet it’s there.

  6. The more you try to make a perfect photo the more difficult it will become. Of course if you are looking for pro photos then yes, the one little thing is not completely in focus. Most of us, except a pro would not have noticed nor given a hoot if the pic was only 99% perfect.

    Honestly I love your photography and I think you are obsessing too much and will only make youself sick/sicker. Let some of it go for your own good. We all love your photography and the person who you are.

      • Oh ok, Andrew, go get’em then. I like perfection too but found when I became ill that I had to let some things go. It was adding to the stress. Apparently you are doing better and maybe the afib thing will resolve and never return, which can sometimes happen.

  7. Speaking for myself: YOU MUST BE JOKING !
    *I* think the photo is great – the teeny lack of total focus only adds to the reality.

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