The Dark Morph cometh

I am in mourning for our communal garden. The chainsaw massacre continues and all my bird perches have been butchered. I took little consolation today when a new morph turned up in the garden. Not a new species, note. It was so far away even my 800mm lens +1.4x TC could not do much with it.

This is Lanius schach, the dark morph. I have only ever seen these up North in HK.Dusky Shrike

Dusky Shrike

This is already quite a crop and just for good measure the light was dreadful.

What should it look like? Well like this. 

Long-tailed ShrikeStrangely enough I also recorded a new for the garden butterfly species too but that was also a very long shot. Meet Chestnut Angle.Odontoptilum angulata


Odontoptilum angulata

So it looks like I am reduced to dust bunnies in the distance now. Nothing within range. I am downcast. In fact my cast has rarely been so down.



15 thoughts on “The Dark Morph cometh

  1. I hope your cast is soon over. Will the garden grow new perches?

    I too like the curved plant framing the distant Shrike. Lovely bird and an amazing shot given the distance involved.

    Hope your coming trip will buck you up again.

    Down with the HK chain saw massacre

  2. A BAD post in two ways. 😦
    Can anything be done to stop further devastation or is it complete? Sounds out of control and I hope it can be ceased. Hopefully, quick new growth will provide closer perches and a greener lovely environment. (And not another invitation for an all out massacre.)

  3. I can empathise with the interference to your local garden – they about to plant a housing estate in the arable field borders the rear of our property and there is little we can do about it.
    Nice Shrike pictures.

  4. You have my full sympathy, Andrew. While not quite as dire as being pillaged by chain saws, my favorite waterfall has been ruined by beer drinking night partiers who can carry their stuff in, but feel the need to heave it over the side of the falls before going out.

    Cropped or not, the composition of that first shot is sweet. The second is pretty nice too.

  5. Isn’t it interesting how truth can hide. I was thoroughly enjoying the composition of the bird in the first shot, with the shoot spiraling over it, against the grey sky. And then I scrolled down and saw that the bird actually looks quite different. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have been none the wiser. And that one~ so beautiful.

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