Sai Kung Waterfront

I continue to practice my long exposure images and instead of shooting from home I went to the pier at sunset. This is a tricky shot until the sun is fully below the horizon as it sets immediately behind the prom. This was my very last shot and the only one I think worth showing. I haven’t really got the hang of it yet.

Sai Kung at nightfall

Sai Kung at nightfall


20 thoughts on “Sai Kung Waterfront

  1. This is very nice, Andrew. I think you have done quite well eith the exposure and composition.

    Btw, I’ve meant to ask what the j in ajh57 represents. I am guessing Frederick. πŸ™‚

    • It’s a bit of trial and error, shooting Bulb. I tried several times between 35 and 45 seconds and settled at 38. If it looks as if I know what I’m doing it’s an illusion. 😁

  2. You knew enough to try multiple exposures! You pointed the camera in the right direction. You achieved minimal noise. You have a wonderfully well balanced composition. You captured interest and colour.
    I think you know that you are doing and will figure out how to shoot even more impressive photos. Glad you are willing to try a long shot πŸ™‚

  3. In blue hour, you shouldn’t really need Bulb if you can adjust exposure time by ISO. Well, up to the ISO limits of your camera, noise wise. I normally shoot around 15-20 seconds on f11 and ISO 400 to ISO 800 for my cityscape project.

    you will have a great time in Venice – anyway πŸ™‚ James?

      • As you said, Bulb is always a bit trial and error. For cityscapes, I would like to stay in the 30 sec limit (except for ultra long exposures to capture cloud movement, for the sea etc.). My standard ISO is 200 and I can easily go up to 800 without visible noise. So no need to restrict myself or fiddle around with settings.

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