Much ado about…..

No outing with John H is wasted. Convivial company is always rewarding. The rest of the animal kingdom stayed hidden away from us. I have only once decent moth shot to offer and a shot or two of the small cascade.

Cirrhochrista fumipalpis

This moth is common as muck but quite well marked nonetheless. Cirrhochrista fumipalpis is the name. Hiding is the game. Here are 2 small falls. I don’t like the stick projecting out on the upper frame but it is what it is.


This one is better in my view. The circular polariser made a huge difference, taking all the glare off the greenery.

_DSF4975And when I arrived home there was a refugee in the garage. I think this is Statilia maculata. I am hoping an expert will confirm or correct my ID.Statilia maculata

Statilia maculata

I survived the short hike and the weather behaved itself. So a modest success was the verdict.


10 thoughts on “Much ado about…..

  1. That is a lovely moth and I like your cascade shots, Yes, sticks are unfortunate but they often do get caught up when they are floating downstream. They sometimes offer the benefit of catching leaves which then create some nice rooster tails in the flow.

    I am very glad to hear that you made the trip with no ill effects.

  2. I love the waterfall, so peaceful. I don’t know the effect you photographers call it, but I like the water spray at the bottom, so still, although I know it was rushing by.
    I know the insect is a praying mantis, common name. Which species, got me there. We find many of these egg sacs in the forests and steal a few to put in my garden. They are passive hunters. Waiting until something stupidly walks in front of them. If you don’t know thier mating habits. .. take a minute to find out. .. Although it may be scary for you, man. 😉

  3. Very pretty waterfall shots. “In these here parts” we call the mantis a “walking stick.”

    I’m glad you had a good outing even though it was not to your liking. At least your heart did not cause any additional problems.

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