Leica mania

I wandered around the town with 2 Leicas today, one over each shoulder. I wanted to see whether I still preferred the M9 sensor over the M. Answer: yes.

Here are some shots with perhaps a bias towards colour today. Starting with proof that it is not only Venice that has gondolas. She sang a terrific O sole mio.SKgondolaThen a trio of some local ladies. You can choose colour or glorious monochrome:


LadiesB&WHow about our star of the day, Jasper Parrot singing Motorbikin’? Well it isn’t every day you see a parrot on a motorbike. Jasper Parrot

And to round us off, a walk along the beach. No Kiss me Quick hats here.SeasideAnd a reminder that love is……. crashing out whilst she plays with her mobile phone.Loveis




17 thoughts on “Leica mania

  1. Top photo is so interesting., I like the dubious look of the woman in the middle and the almost slack jawed interest of the woman on the far left. I can not make up my mind if the person on the right is a man or a woman and what is going on with the foot thing?

    Great color of the lady in the boat. Very vibrant with lovely contrast.

    • They are all women, Yvonne. They are sitting outside a rather basic old people’s home. The men are on one side of the road and the women the other. They love to sit out and take the air.

  2. Love these images Andrew! The first one is gorgeous and I prefer the ladies in mono. I should have known the Leica M would have found its way into your arsenal but am surprised to hear that you prefer the M9 especially for colour. Use the Leicas more often…you are better at this candid stuff than you know 🙂

    • Kaushal, I am hugely disappointed with the M. The images lack the beautiful silky finish of the 9. The high ISO is not as good as my Fuji X-T1 and the colour balance under artificial light is a shocker. Very hard to correct in processing. I had a buyer for my M9 and after 1 outing with the M I took it off the market and kept it. Trying to do exposure compensation is incredibly fiddly. The 9 is so much more friendly. I don’t really know what to do with it. Thanks for your kind comments. I only took 40 photos in the whole afternoon today and only about half a dozen I contemplate keeping. The ladies is my favourite too. Maybe I will try to do more.

  3. I really like the first image – the colours are glorious and there is so much of interest in the boat. like the ladies in monochrome, bur their distinctive shirts really add interest in the colour version.
    Looks like it was a very enjoyable morning

  4. The last picture shows that you can travel half way around the world and people still prefer communicating with someone who isn’t there to someone who is. Marvellous. Colour or monochrome? I prefer the parrot.

  5. Rarely do you make a street image that I do not enjoy and that is borne true with all of these, Andrew. The top shot is indeed a top shot, but all are nice vignettes of HK life. Does everyone in HK like to show off their callouses or just that particular lady?

    • Hello Simon,

      I bought the M240 because I thought it was worth it for the high ISO (compared to the M9). In fact the difference insufficient for the upgrade cost. With the M9 I use a Noctilux 0.95 if I want low light shots – the DoF is obviously an issue but the M240 has too many other flaws in my opinion. I don’t like the way exposure compensation is done. M9 is much simpler. The artificial light colour balance on the M240 is awful and hard to correct. On a camera costing so much this is unacceptable. The DNG images with the new sensor are not as pleasing to me as those of the M9 which are classic Leica with my Summilux lenses. The M240 has a far better battery life and that is about it. The new Leica boasts better continuous shooting and buffering – who buys Leica for that? I think Leica has lost the plot despite what some supporters still say. I have an M3, an M9, an X1 and now the M. Its not s if I don’t like the gear but I don’t see any positive improvements over the M9 in the M240. These are simply my opinions and I think if you are contemplating trading in a 9 you should think carefully. I had a buyer for mine and took it off the market. I am more likely to sell the M than the 9 to be honest. And to be blunt, my Fuji X-T1 knocks spots off the M240 but nothing beats the silky smooth M9 files (yet).

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