Sky Fire

Another early start (and finish). I shot from the house today as I was too late to get down to town. Dramatic lighting always helps.


The very early shots look strange because the clouds were moving fast and with a long exposure they simply looked ragged. It may have added to the sense of speed but still I left most in the camera or unprocessed. Just three others to show. Each has a progressively shorter shutter speed so you can see how the cloud effect diminishes.



Dawn3No filters on any of these except the standard UV.



29 thoughts on “Sky Fire

  1. If I had that view of the sunrise I don’t think I’d be hurrying down town. Interesting differences in the images. I don’t think I favour one over another – they all have their appeal. At first loom I didn’t like number two as well, but I find it growing on me. At first I could just see the heaviness of the dark clouds and they were a bit overwhelming. But the more I look I see the depth they create and they bring out the lights in the middle ground.

  2. It certainly pays to get up early where you are. What views! What colours! Amazing how leaving the shutter open a while longer gives such a sense of time and change.

    • I think you can get a bit carried away with the long exposure malarky – do it just because you can rather than for a true artistic effect. When used judiciously it works but nothing fails quite so much as excess.

  3. Very impressed – having the three shots together makes you think how different ways of viewing the world are. The camera is telling different truths!

  4. Brilliant colors, remind me of shots I got in Finland at sundown. I have to admit as a stupid Irish woman I was so in awe of the skyline I spent the first evening simply sitting and watching.

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