Vote for colour

Pick up a newspaper today or click on your favourite global news site and the chances are you will have read about the political developments in Hong Kong. I have not yet decided whether I should blog about this. It falls outside my terms of blogging reference.  Suffice it to say for now that last night and again this morning I was in Central and witnessed the weight of police presence. The battle lines (literally) are drawn. 

I have had a busy day by my standards, business breakfast meeting, being videoed for 90 minutes, catching up with a lawyer chum and then a social business lunch. All the time though my mind wanders to photography. I think I have a theme emerging in my mind for a project. It is not yet fixed but it seems to be gravitating towards colour and/or boats. 

Here then is today’s combination:Dragon boat

To be continued.


32 thoughts on “Vote for colour

  1. I need to go look this up.

    Our news is just wittering on about some boy who disappeared from hospital and went to Spain for cancer treatment. Not that it’s not an important story, just that there isn’t that much to it to warrant going on about it.

    So parochial 😦

    • I saw that news item. Here the only news is about the voting arrangements and the protests. The rest of the world is a mystery. Also parochial.

  2. I get my news from AV and he hasn’t written about it yet.. Do know there is tension. Be safe.
    Love the blue! Lots of depth. No pun!

  3. I heard about the Political situation with Hong Kong on BBC News but it was really a 5 min breaking news bit, then back to Ukraine and Syria. I think it would be interesting to hear news from the ground so to speak.

    The colour in the image is beautiful.

  4. Well now, ‘x’ marks the spot.

    I also hear the BBC news and that is where I catch up on things political elsewhere in the world. I hope you will not be trying to place a long stemmed rose in any rifles.

  5. any leader who wished “Hong Kong will become an independent political entity or will change the country’s socialist system will not have a political future”
    I presoom that’s what you’re referring to, Andrew …?
    China flexing its muscles again. China and Russia are simply determined to be empires, and that’s that.
    I like that segment very much: it looks a bit like the side of an old boat …

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