Fanling and the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail

This morning I headed out to Fanling in the convivial company of Photomatic Gwailo.

I parked right opposite the MTR station and arrived very early for our rendez-vous. We wandered around the Taoist Fung Ying Seen Koon temple as it opened and then took the 54K green-top minibus to the heritage trail. This was actually a short hop and we walked the return journey.

This was new territory to me to the extent that I had to seek guidance from the always knowledgeable John Holmes on parking. It was a worthwhile wander and capped off with an early lunch of full English breakfast and a cup of HK hot milk tea for the princely sum of HK$43.

Here are a few shots from the morning outing. I hope you enjoy them.




Caged animal


Incense coil

Peace and Love

Temple sticks

The Stare


29 thoughts on “Fanling and the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail

  1. HK, and all it’s neighborhoods, always seems colorful and loaded with interesting views and people partaking in so many different activities. All except for that last fellow who seems a bit unhappy with you.

    Breakfast for lunch…what a concept. We have a shop here that offers an “English Breakfast” but I imagine it is quite different…just an egg and slice of ham on an “English” muffin.

  2. Interesting insight into your life in Hong Kong Andrew. Feng shui is popular here in Australia, are your sticks related to that? Breakfast good value!

  3. I love how many folks come out and exercise in large groups. Aside from all the political unrest, I feel like it would be a very calm and peaceful place to live.
    I’ve got fortune sticks like that, sorta. Mine have numbers on the ends that match a fortune.

  4. The folks exercising are the most interesting. Hardly anyone is in sync with what ever the leader is perhaps instructing or maybe tbe “leader” is merely there for decoration. 🙂

    And finally the fortune telling sticks are interesting. If we did that here people would say that you are a bit wacko. But then there are some folks that make a living by reading tarot cards. Different cultures are fascinating.

    • Gwailo used to be regarded as an insult but most westerners now refer to themselves as a Gweilo or gwailo. Myself included. I quite like it.

  5. Un insieme di foto molto belle, hai fotografato cose totalmente diverse una dall’altra e questo rende il tutto ancora più gradevole. Bravissimo!!
    Ciao, Patrizia

  6. All the pictures are fascinating to me. I especially like the conical, whirly thingy and the fortune-telling sticks. The colours are gorgeous. Apologies for being so late reading this post – I’ve been away so lots of catching up to do!

  7. Terrific assortment of photographs, Andrew. The last two color shots were amazing, but I keep going back to the T-shirt message–Do More Than Talk–which would make a great bumpter sticker or greeting card cover. Very cool.

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