Boats at dawn

I wanted another try at the pre-dawn long exposure shots today. I was out at 5am and on site shortly afterwards. No trouble parking at that hour.

I started by taking a shot of the pier because a) the lights looked good and b) I was surprised to see people swimming. Six elderly(ish) ladies to be precise. There is a much cleaner stretch just a few 100m away at Sha Ha beach. The pier is where the boats dock and I would never dream of going in there. They must have a very strong immune system.Sai Kung Pier

Sai Kung Pier

Then the first twinkle of light took me along the wall to wait for some decent shots of the boats.

In no particular order, here they are:Ghost Boats

Ghost Boats

The Brightening

Rich light


Dream Boat

Dream Boat

And finally, in full glow of sunrise, a detail shot of the dredger.Boat detail

37 thoughts on “Boats at dawn

  1. Yes, keep going about Venice and boats Andrew. We are getting fired up and…on the cusp of making serious enquiries…’ Cusp and New Paradigm’ were all the go last year but getting dated now.

      • I wanted to get one of those remote shutter clicker things (so technical) because when I’ve done night shots even with a tripod I manage wobble, I have to take about 100 pictures to get one where it doesn’t wobble, although someone did advise me to just depress the button and not move until the shot was done, ie not remove my finger again

      • I use a cable release. You can get wireless ones. Or you can use the camera’s self-timer. Set it to 2 or 10 seconds…..

        I don’t recommend holding the shutter down, even on a tripod. That is called bulb mode. I used it today for shots over 30 seconds but I still activate it with a cable release so I don’t touch the camera. You can lock it and release when you have finished the planned time. The Fuji can also use an iPhone app to do it I think but I have not tried.

      • Oh why didn’t I think of the self timer hahaha what a fool. I inherited a DSLR a good few years back now, maybe as many as 10 it’s an Olympus and at the time I really got into taking photos, just snapping away and thinking about composition light etc. I really would love to upgrade and come into the modern day and pick it up again as a hobby. Maybe that could be on my Christmas list if anyone’s feeling generous or a sales gift to myself if I make it through Christmas without gaining weight πŸ˜€

  2. It’s the dream boat for me, Andrew. Classic composition and the long exposure worked really well with the water. How long was the exposure? What little movement there is gives a nice subtle dreamy quality without being overdone. The harbor image just before that is my favorite of that series.

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