A warm Stonechat glow

Readers with stamina, those who have persevered with me over a year or more, may recall I took a series of images of a bird called Stejneger’s Stonechat. The taxonomy of Stejneger’s was murky and I was struggling to decide why the ones we found in HK are of that taxon rather than maurus. I posted my images and shared them with Martin Garner of Birding Frontiers fame.

Much to surprise I learned he was preparing a book on difficult taxa and that stonechats would be on the list. I agreed he could use some of my images in the book.

Well the book has been published and this image of mine is the ‘lead photo’ in the stonechat section.

Stejneger's tail spreadCD

The species also featured in my essay co-authored with Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles for Corndancer.

I also have 3 smaller images in the Birding Frontiers book. All I have to do now is read and understand all the key ID points so that I can be confident in the field.

If you have not read the Corndancer essays you might enjoy them. You will also find work by Steve Gingold over there. Now I can’t say fairer than that. Two for the price of none. A natural history bargain.






23 thoughts on “A warm Stonechat glow

      • I agree with the luck aspect, but I as for patience, I am a point and shoot merchant, hope for the best. Although, there have been times; I once sat for over an hour on Taquile Is waiting for a sunset shot, used more than a roll of film doing so. But I got what I wanted, unfortunately the negative is long lost.


  1. Congratulations! Wonderful over the shoulder ew-la-la look the Stonechat is giving you. Of course it’s going to be a lead image. Well done!

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