The missing E

One of the family isn’t going to Venice tonight. She’s rather put out. She was sure she heard us talking about the Dog’s Palace. She thought she was getting an upgrade from the dog’s basket.

She’s one very disappointed Doge.




17 thoughts on “The missing E

  1. That look tells it all! I remember our dog CJ would give us the cold shoulder any time our suitcases came out to be packed. But when we returned her nose was right in the cases looking for her gift. I wish I could relax like Lulu.

  2. Oh, Andrew, our dog Maggie hears us say certain words and she gets her leash and from the hook and waits for us at the door. We began spelling those words, but it worked for only a while; they she picked up on the spelled words, too.
    There’s no winning against a smart, determined dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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