Photographs from Venice

Thanks for the feedback on the first images. We are dashing off now to Burano. Here is a real mix from yesterday. I hope you enjoy them.



Bridge crosser



Wall LightYou may not see many favourite scenes as I feel they have been done a million times before and I am consciously avoiding them – sorry! There are just too many people here for my liking and it is impossible to photograph in popular locations after 9am and before 10pm! That’s Venice. Did they get the joke?

The Joke-2


29 thoughts on “Photographs from Venice

  1. I know Venice is constantly busy with tourists – the cruise ships don’t help! Hopefully Burano will be quieter. These are great pictures though. You must be getting up before dawn to capture some of them.

  2. A wonderful eye for a picture combined with the skill to bring out the moment and the place. The washing on the lines is random (I presume) but seems as arranged, in shapes and colours, as any floral display. The ripples on the water, the shadows falling across the different textures of the bricked up doorway. I like this way of looking at Venice.

  3. Oh, Andrew, when I saw the first photo, my heart went pitty-pat! Great shots, and a totally wise decision to leave the usual shots alone.

    I’ll bet Burano was a little bit crowded, too. I hope you got into the back alleys there, as you did in Venice. Which sestiere are you staying in?


    • We are at the Aqua Palace in San Marco. Difficult to book anywhere Yvonne. We wanted the Luna Baglioni but full. Beggars can’t be choosers ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  4. That b/w shot of those two looking at each other selfies instead of what might be seen ahead. That seems to be what tourists now-a-days seem to concentrate on. It as the same in Bali. All looking at each other’s Iphones instead of the country they are in. Puzzling phenomenon.
    The person on the bridge might be looking for a public convenience. Great shots of the washing lines. How wonderful this would be if strung across Rosella Crescent in Aus suburbia.

  5. Out-of-hand peopled, huh? Last time i was in lovely Venezia i was tour guiding a group of 40+ Mexican teenagers. No fun. Except when they all bought and wore blue “Italia” football shirts. They were so dazzling, that perfect strangers were snapping shots and other guides were congratulating me… Actually, it was great fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’ve a few faves from this collection, especially the bridge crossing, but tops for me is the angular strip of light monochrome. I like the idea of avoiding the tourist shots and going for something uniquely Andrew. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi, M-R sent me, after I said I needed photography help – and it looks as if I’m in the right place ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome photos! Agree Venice would be better without so many people cluttering up the place, but it’s still beautiful. Have fun, Fiona

  8. My favourite is the woman racing across the bridge – closely followed by the blue and purple washing. I like the contrast between timeless stillness and hurried movement in the first, and the richness of the colours contrasting the decaying building facades in the second. The drama in the wall in light and shade is excellent too.

  9. I have never been to Venice but I love the fact that these are pictures of the tourist beaten track.I understand what you mean about people, when I was in Prague and Berlin this year unless you wanted to do alot of post processing classic images were not going to be taken.

  10. My goodness there are hawkers everywhere. All up and down the street. I bet some or all of those bags were possibly stolen from tourists. It seems that no place is free of the unsightly promotion of wares. Those guys are not natives either- at least I doubt that they are.

    I like the string of overhead wash and the bridge scene plus the monochrome of a woman- I think.

    But where are the pigeons?

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