Around St. Mark’s – monochrome evening shoot

After the colour orgy earlier today I needed some catharsis this evening. Here it is to prove you can do Venice in B&W and with nothing more than a Fuji X100s. Oh and I found you a gondola.













28 thoughts on “Around St. Mark’s – monochrome evening shoot

  1. I think you are doing a fine job of finding your own images, Andrew. The one you called “The Face” is outstanding.
    I hope you put one of those bored gondoliers to work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Photo No 1 is quite interesting. I’m trying to figure out if the (AMERICAN) at the top of the photo means American food. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Photo No 3 is a study of character. The lady on the left has a doubtful expression. If you look closely she is really watching the guy on the right that has a camera hanging from his shoulder.

    These are all very good. I am liking your street photography very much.

  3. Wonderful and evocative images of tourism. How much was the coffee latte? That great shot of the middle aged couple sitting down, he in shorts while wearing socks and running shoes, seems totally gobsmacked, even bewildered by it all.
    Far out Andrew!

  4. You’re a little winner, Andrew! I can just hear Gerard’s heart beating more quickly, thinking of seeing all this for himself.

    Petspeopleandlife, that’s the American Bar, right off Piazza San Marco. (Andrew should be in dreamland right now.)

  5. I liked that your shadow is shown on the back in the image of the young couple sitting.
    The Face image is outstanding! The lighting and mood is perfect.

  6. Clichรฉ I know but…every picture tells a story. Now where is my storytelling biro and exercise book? Stunning pictures. The lady in the crowded cafe with her mind on something else is my favourite. As someone else has already said, it is quite a character study. Were any of these folk aware of the photographer?

    • None at all Simon. The X100s is small. Nobody notices it. You can be 6′ away and people are so wrapped up in their own world they don’t register me.

  7. The fourth image from the top was recently linked by Steve Gingold. Upon request, he provided the link to the image as it originally appeared. Really like it. Very nice indeed. D

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