The Ugly, The Good and the Bad.

We started with ugly today. I was on the Rialto bridge early and took a few frames. Nothing special but ok, lah!ClassicRialto

ClassicRialto2And then it happened. A camera-toting girl appeared. She literally grabbed the guy sweeping the bridge and snapped “stand there”. He probably neither heard (he had headphones on) nor understood – he snapped back in Italian to leave him alone. She seemed rather the worse for wear and pursued him firing the flash at him as he backed away. Then she turned to me and asked if I were Australian. I told her to leave the guy in peace but she said she was an artist – probably true but not the sort of artist I appreciate – and she thought the street cleaner was a ‘hunk of a man’. She then told me she was from California and asked me again if I was from Australia. I suggested she return whence she came and Mrs. Ha and I decided to leave the location. The girl pointed at a man standing at the end of the bridge and said he was her husband. He looked fairly well worn, too. This was the first bad scene I had encountered in Venice and I hope it was the last. We arrived back at our hotel spot on 7am for an excellent breakfast. This was a ‘classic Venice’ shot taken on the way back.ClassicVenice

After breakfast we went to the Gallerie Dell’accademia. After we finally managed to get in this was GOOD. Superb in fact. We arrived at 08.30 expecting a queue. And we were right. There was one person ahead of us. She had been waiting since 08.15 when the gallery opens. Nobody had sold her a ticket. She was not a happy lady. Me, being me, walked to the desk marked ‘Closed’ and asked for 2 tickets, which the lady duly sold me. The lady in waiting had made the mistake (so easy) of going to the desk that was marked ‘Open’. The man was still busy so she switched to the closed queue like us.

This gallery is amazing. We are not art buffs but this was special. I was especially struck by the relaxed approach to security. Here he is:Security

There appeared to be few alarms and only some of the very old pictures were behind glass. Here he is again.Security2And they allow you to take photos without flash. So we did. Lots. 24 rooms packed full of outstanding art. A must see if ever there was one. But eventually we were sated and we droppped in to a bar for a coffee.Bar

I think the owner is an Inter fan. We worked our way back to the hotel and on the way we wondered where the locusts had come from. Here they are:CrowdsI think they were on their way to meet these guys (?). This is a side of Venice I suspect few people see – fortunately. Does it remind you of anybody…….? Clearly done in the best possible taste.Bizarre

As an offset, here is something more tasteful.Art

Now we are resting, readying ourselves for the fray again. Wish us luck.

35 thoughts on “The Ugly, The Good and the Bad.

  1. Really enjoying the tour of Venice. At first I thought he photo of the security guard was ‘in oils’.

  2. Hmmmm, I don’t remember giving a release for my posing session. I was tastefully dressed you must admit.

    That security guy is a hoot. I wonder the scene if he had to spring into action. It is refreshing for there to be a place where that level of security is deemed sufficient.

    Continue the good tour, Andrew. It does seem a wonderful place.

  3. The security guard made me chuckle, likewise the closed ticket booth. We try to go to musical events in Venice, this is something of a lottery, but rewarding when you win. Love the doors and windows.

    • We are off to the concert tomorrow. We tried this morning for La Fenice. No tickets and I would have needed a jacket. Ah well. I shall just listen to the gondoliers instead.

  4. What a great tour. Thank you Andrew. Is that white trail from the security guard cigarette smoke? I do hope they are more relaxed about that in Venice. I can’t stand all that non-smoking religion. ( I don’t smoke.)

  5. Oh those ugly photographers posing as artists! Well done acting out of the box and going to the closed window. You are certainly capturing the different atmospheres of Venice. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. Already you’ve taken some shots to die for. Make sure you continue to do so, m’dear … As for the American who wanted to know if you were an Aussie – she was probably on something. I wonder what she would’ve done if you’d claimed to be one of us …? 😉

  7. It was fun to join you on your exploration and observation of people. Ah, too many Americans are an embarrassment…but it did make for an entertaining story. I love it when museums allow photos!

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