Introducing Dr. Matilde Zanetti

We went to Padua today. We met a lot of very nice people. Mostly Americans from San Francisco, New York and some other place. Plus a very kind Italian train guard (we were on the wrong class of train for our ticket). The highlight of the day was meeting Dr. Matilde Z. She is, how shall I put this, freshly minted as a doctor and her friends were playing tricks on her. She seemed to enjoy it and we were rather impressed too. This was the ‘before’ shot.MatildeZanettiNote the wrong date! Later corrected. And here is the midpoint photo:Vietato L'ingressoLast time we saw here she was on her knees with her back to us. She had a hose pipe going into her mouth and the hose was connected to a wine bottle. No photos allowed from there on. Ah well. Girls will be girls but at least one lady was not amused.OnthebuttonI think the hose was ‘borrowed’ as the policeman shouted “Stop thief”. The trouble is he was pointing at me. I never touched her hose or she mine.StopThiefMrs. Ha was on hand to keep control.ShirleyPadua seems to enjoy la dolce vitaLaDolceVita2

LaDolceVita1Two other shots before we go off to the evening Baroque’n’Roll concert:

Colour is a must…………..ScarvesEven if they do think horses are blue in Padua. Old Scottish saying – You can take a White Horse anywhere but not a Blue.PaduanHorseSo there we are, everything you needed to know about Padua. I hope you enjoy. And if you feel unwell perhaps you should ask for Matilde. I know I shall.

20 thoughts on “Introducing Dr. Matilde Zanetti

    • Thanks Alessandro. The 3 girlfriends who were supposedly helping to hide the doctor’s modesty whilst she changed didn’t do a very good job. Mrs. Ha was shocked 😱

  1. Happy Dr. Zanetti didn’t get your heart rate too fast! (Now, if she had touched your hose…..well). 😉 Thank goodness Mrs. Ha was there to keep control.

  2. Hummm- the comments were almost as good as the photos. Very funny since it all made me laugh. Glad you met the newly minted doctor. I trying to understand why her friends thought a dress up as a nurse was funny. That part was not funny to me. But all the shots are great and provided again some good studies of people’s expressions.

  3. One of our happiest times in Venice, included a day of Doctorate ceremonies. We were sitting at a bar/restaurant close to Tre Archi, when the happy processions of new doctors came art with much fanfare/ costume and good nature from all onlookers. They certainly know how to celebrate there.

  4. What a great time you had! I love the graduation tricks too – I’ve seen a few poor souls having the treatment from their friends here in Venice. Its the only time I ever see drunk students here although it all seems very good natured!! ;o)

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