Travel notes from 35,000 feet

As today has been an admin day, packing, killing time, transit to airport, I have nothing else to offer other than my flight notes. So be enthralled and join me on an Iberian magic carpet.

IB Flight

On time. A miracle.
Row 1
Pleasant crew. All going well.

Food. Oh dear.

On offer – pasta or meat.

What meat? (They clearly didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition). Voting results in: Crew – veal. Shirley – chicken. I thought turkey looked a good bet. Tasted better than it looked. Inevitable really.

Pasta was yellow and cheesy. The report is not back from the lab yet.

Salad looked beyond tired and in need of being put out of its misery. The red things were surely once tomatoes.

There was more cheese. Probably something like Red Leicester. It came with a single grape. Red.

The desert was definitely a chocolate muffin. I wish Dr. Zanetti has been there to help with all the clinical stuff.

Tea or coffee asked the girl and I nodded. One or the other to be sure.
And that was it. Spanish cuisine at its highest.

We hope to land in Madrid. The debate then will be whether we can be deemed to have eaten or need to venture out at a time when cocoa has normally been drunk and the land of nod beckons. I’m not sure I could face paella at midnight. Unlike Eric Clapton, we rarely let it all hang out after midnight. Olรฉ.

30 thoughts on “Travel notes from 35,000 feet

  1. On a flight to Atlanta last summer, the man across the aisle from me answered “Yes” when he was asked “Tea or coffee?” She walked off and went to the next person. When he called out after her, “Are you mad or did you just forget me?” without even looking at him she answered, “Yes,” kept walking, and didn’t come back.

  2. Row 1? I once got checked in for an extremely budget seat 34A. The plane ended at row 33. Staff told me 34A really meant 33A, which is where i was sat, on an un-reclinable seat and with the window view entirely blocked by an engine. They plied me with free beers, tho…
    Travel is always worth the hassle. Well. Mostly.

  3. Your food reads like the hospital food that I was served a few weeks back. The salad contained one cucumber slice, one cherry tomato and, gobs of lettuce. I pushed it away. The most awful food that I’ve ever seen.

  4. I’m sad you have left Venice, but I hope the great old city of Madrid lives up to expectations.
    PS I am now in possession of a book from the Birding Frontier Challenge Series (with your Stonechat). I am looking forward to surprising someone with an unlikely piece of knowledge.

    • Congrats on the book Hilary. It is quite advanced stuff for me. Venice was fun but tiring. We have one more day on the reverse trip. I have an idea what to do but need sign off from H.O.

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