Before it all went pear-shaped.

Mrs. Ha insisted on snapping me in action.

Not terribly flattering. Here I am again with my MacBook serving as an armrest. It’s no use for anything else now.

No joy today but an outside chance tomorrow. One thing we discovered today was that buying an X-T1 in Spain looks to be 25% more expensive thanks to tax. Poor Spaniards.


12 thoughts on “Before it all went pear-shaped.

  1. Looking a bit pasty, might want to decrease sunscreen level to 30. 🙂
    Technology woes are a real bugger. Good luck for tomorrow.

    • It’s quite demoralizing M.R. I’ve flown 6000 miles to photograph Salamanca. I have the back up camera but it’s not the same. I just don’t have the kit to wet clean a sensor here. I shall be very down if I don’t find a Good Samaritan tomorrow.

  2. hahahaha. How funny 🙂 Well. One of my favorite objects are shoting photos of other photographers in action. So, well, I would be honored if someone thought that that was me, even if it was just for fun.

  3. Yes sir-re, Andrew you are too funny sometimes. I have to wonder who in Spain had the bright idea of making a white pasty, plaster of Paris looking statue, of a tourist. It is cute. Really!

    Hope you have the camera woes fixed so that you can shoot to your hearts content or you get tired, whichever comes first.

  4. It’s good to see you wearing your laurel leaves Andrew. Probably given for patience. Nice monopod too, Steve could use it when climbing on walls.
    Hope you get sorted soon

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