Art for art’s sake

I tried for 30 mins to post via iPhone yesterday. Epic fail. We have been overdosing on culture now my sensor is clean again.

Here you see the wonderful light in the gallery corridor yesterday. Better perhaps than some of the art?I am developing quite a reputation on FB as an art critic. One insightful comment suggested Brian Sewell is under threat. I have also added the original painting of ET. And finally an extract of my FB comments. I remain without a laptop but I can wifi images from camera to phone. A poor second best but better than nothing. Off to Salamanca today. Hurrah.




16 thoughts on “Art for art’s sake

  1. I stand in awe again with not only your photographic skills but you IT manouvering between IPhon, Laptops and cameras. How do you do it? And now the sensor is clean and all is well. Ah, Venice does that to one. It heals and cures all and everything.
    (Missing Lulu a bit Andrew?

  2. Haha. Caravaggio isn’t beef no. There is a lot of Caravaggio in Italy and the art normally isn’t crap but super over there so interesting that someone actually got disappointed!

  3. ET?
    I’m so lost as to what’s art or not…
    And that’s tough being married to a double art major and sculptor. 😘

  4. Is that a Miro? We weren’t allowed to take photos in the Miro Foundation in Barcelona. Strange how some museums don’t mind at all, and some do. And I loved the Miro, it was my favourite.
    Great photos, capturing both the art and the atmosphere.

    • Oh I appreciate art, Jenny. I went to a gallery in Düsseldorf once and saw a series of works that looked like primary school potato prints. My high brow friends were appalled I could think such a thing.

  5. Yep the painting looks like ET. Funny, funny. I’m with Mrs. Ha. Where are the dogs or horses, or even cats. Too many weird looking paintings but then that’s art and one is supposed to be exposed to culture. 🙂

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