Well we made it to Salamanca. A beautiful, historic city of monuments across the centuries. We even climbed a couple of towers. Very, very slowly. We continue to find good food, friendly people and the occasional photo op. Here are a few.









19 thoughts on “Salamanca

  1. Seems like more than an occasional op as these are all nice shots, Andrew. How are you processing and posting these if your Mac is down? At least the camera is clean and functional again.

  2. So all’s well on the camera front again, Andrew ? Certainly looks like it ! 🙂
    And I often wish I could just throw clothes on over my nightie and venture forth; but Lui simply won’t allow me to put a collar and lead on him. [grin]

  3. A very nice introductory tour. Glad you have the bouncy camera with you. Looking forward to seeing more of Salamanca. By the way what shopping bag is the nun carrying? She gave you ‘the look’ Andrew.

    • I the bag is from LV Rod. Judging by the lavish decorations in the convent they must have loads of money. Some of it seemed rather OTT for a Dominican order.

  4. Very good Andrew. Love the shot of the old bloke and his dog. He seems to quitly contemplate if it has all been worth it. His doggy seems a bit Lulu like. I think it must be getting a bit cooler with jackets coming out.

  5. Superb straight from the camera images! Salamanca seems wonderful.
    Mrs. Ha’s bag looks as big as her! 😳

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