19 thoughts on “It’s the light, stupid

  1. This is a mesmerising selection. I am addicted to arches and spheres on a large scale. The light slicing through the uprights is delicious. I love the silhouette of the gent in the piazza and the figures on the steps. These gave me much pleasure. Thanks.

  2. Wow and wow. The shots using available light are all quite impressive. I think you did an excellent job inside the buildings. I’m “digging” all of them and looking forward to much more.

  3. The bloke without a bonce – the one who’se carryin it …
    I hadn’t realised the guillotine was available to saints. Or perhaps I’m recalling those scenes where bikies ride full-tilt down a hill into a VERY fine wire stretched across the road at neck height … One way or another, it’s a mighty neat job !
    Salamanca beautiful.

  4. The dude holding his head might be Saint Miniato or Saint Denis.

    Or: “A legend associated with Saint Ginés de la Jara states that after he was decapitated in southern France, he picked up his head and threw it into the Rhône. The head was carried by the sea to the coast of Murcia in Spain, where it was venerated as a relic (Murcia was the center of this saint’s cult).”

    There are always mysteries when you travel, aren’t there!

  5. I must admit that despite my reticence to travel, your images are making me doubt that resolve. Although I am a “nature” guy, the architecture in old world cities is just stupendous…especially compared to the boxes that are being built hereabouts for the last 100 years or so.
    The gentleman with the cane is a great shot, Andrew. And you are capturing some fine light as well. I am glad to see that painting of the guy holding his head in a museum as I cannot imagine him hanging in my home…or most others either. Definitely an acquired taste, I think.

  6. Maybe there is something to be said for all this travel. Maybe the man was wrong when he told me there was everything a man could possibly need at Wakefield market. Fabulous photos. Are the bicycle and the man holding his head connected?

    • Wrong indeed. Not Wakefield. Thirsk. That’s as far as you need to travel. I don’t know who is holding his head and I’d like to find out. It’s hard to take really bad photos in this light but I keep trying.

    • I have been surprised by my win reaction to the architecture. There is so much to see and everything is impressive. It must be wonderful to study in a city like Salamanca.

  7. Consider me enchanted, too! Excellent light/shadow images.
    Even the dogs of Salamaca seem more adorable. What a cutie! (Tho not as precious as Lulu.)

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