Salamanca – Light and Shade

Still iPhone only. Not a 6 and not in any way Dali-esque. Just a selection of snaps from today. My plates of meat are just about raw with pounding the cobble stones. Let’s hope the photos aren’t a load of old cobblers too.








And finally a woman blissfully unaware she is about to be gored by a bull.


21 thoughts on “Salamanca – Light and Shade

  1. I see a very forlorn lion and a noble dog among these gems, Andrew. I’m not quite sure what the hanging face represents, but it looks uncomfortable.
    I like the shadow-play of the first image quite a lot.

  2. My favourite is the study in light and shade, stone and tile/brickwork, ancient and new, orange and black. And my other favourite is the lion that seem sot have been sculpted by Michelangelo from a design by Jim Henson.

    • There are a lot of muppet statues. Kermit is the university mascot, or at least a frog is. Off to Madrid shortly. Just watched about 100+ Hell’s grannies and grandads ride into Plaza Mayor on their Harleys. Stayed 15 minutes, group photo, then off again. Does that happen in Thirsk?

  3. I think the 1st fence one did it for me. Great!
    I too, thought you’re using the iphone for shots. I was going to launch into a ‘composition over settings’ tirade… but read the comments and now will shut my piehole!

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