One of the challenges of shooting so many monuments is the lack of space to photograph head on. Being close to the building creates odd distortions in the photographs. Lightroom allows you to correct for this but it is not always perfect.

Here is an example from directly opposite the hotel in Salamanca – the convent of San Estoban. There is some working space but going back to where you need to be you then have to contend with trees blocking your view. This is a 6 minute requested experimental exposure I shot using a 10 stop ND filter.

San Estoban Salamanca

It is an amazing facade and inside is even more dramatic.

Here is another a few hundred yards away – San Pablo. Here the working distance is essentially the other side of the road. No further. I think LR (and I) have done a decent job here, if i say so myself. This building impressed me in June when we spent a few hours here and I was determined to have a proper go at photographing it.

San Pablo

You may have realised by now that my MacBook Pro is back  working FTB. Thank you Apple Madrid. We have another full day here then we wend our way home via Venice and Doha.

The other perspective shift today was Mrs. Ha’s view of bikers. As we went for our final stroll we saw maybe a hundred or so driving into Plaza Mayor. An incredible noise. All in leathers and looking rather intimidating. I of course made a beeline for them with the small X100s. Mrs. Ha lagged a little. There were police present in very small numbers. They were just having a good time. The stopped on the main square, chatted with the locals and me, took their ow photos and one big group photo. Then they drove on as noisily as they had arrived. Total invasion, 20 minutes tops. Here they are.



Bikers group

They were a fun bunch of mainly over 50s, men and women, having a ride out. Mrs. Ha was enchanted.

Thanks for staying with me over the last week and forgive me the limited reading and commenting on your blogs. It has been hard going.

22 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. They are, in fact, enchanting. Funny~ I somehow had the impression only America had bunches of bikers. A dear friend of mine once learned to work a crossword from the back of her husband’s bike, as he wished to travel with the crowd on long rides. Then, being an inveterate botanist, she rigged up a plant press that fit on the bike.

    • That’s pretty cool. We should start a competition for the most unusual attachment on a motorbike. I think a plant press would be near the top.

    • Thanks Denise. There is no simple answer to perspective unless you have a tilt shift lens or expensive software to correct it for you. Just live with it. I was amazed at the Salamanca tourist guide book (€9) – many of the photos looked very odd because they used I corrected photos.

  2. Fun to see a large group of American motorcycles!
    I don’t understand the photography issues. Look fine to me. 😉

    • You need 2-3 days to do Salamanca full justice Hilary. No more. It’s easy to get to from Madrid. You would love it. Sadly there were no concerts on this week.

  3. As always, a delightful tour with pictures. Wish I was there. Those bikies seem very peaceful. Here in Australia’s Queensland they passed a law making it illegal for more than3 bikies to congregate if they belong to a criminal gang. The catch is, that most bike clubs have been declared ‘criminal gangs’ in Queensland. So figure?
    However; some of those bikie members are astute lawyers who have taken on the Government and are fighting to have those silly laws overturned.
    Sorry about this little sermon, Andrew. This is such a dull place!

  4. I’ve loved the Spanish photographs. As for the bikers it seems to me that all the time and money spent on projecting a concept, an attitude, a way of life, an outlook may be back-firing slightly. Adding the name Larry to the leathers only adds to the sense of campness. But maybe that is the intended outcome. I’m all for age equality but bandanas do not look good on over 25s….except pirates obviously.

  5. (1) I s’pose most Spanish cities have a Plaza Mayor … I have been only to that in Madrid. Oh, hang on … [grin]
    (2) LOVE the bikies ! – and particularly love their posing for everyone to take piccies of ’em !
    (3) Chic had exactly the same problem – and with a church – when we were in Orvieto, but didn’t have today’s technology to fix it as you did !
    Basically, you done pretty good, under the circ.s, Andrew.

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