Last mango in Venice

Well, we did go to the market and although I cannot swear to it we may have seen the last mango. Our day started at 5.30 with a yomp to the Accademia Bridge. I wanted to test blue hour there and here are pre and post dawn:Salute predawn

SalutedawnThen it was back to the hotel for a balcony scene. Shirley, Shirley, wherefore art thou, Shirley?LondrabalconymonoThree random shots to close out the trip as we fly back to HK tomorrow.

An archway at the market:ArchwayA Charlie Chaplin performer – we saw him many times and I enjoyed his little turns.CharlieChaplin And to close on, the elegance of Venezia. Madam, I could not resist this. I am sorry. Bellissima.PortraitLadyThis has been best month ever for stats. Thank you all for the support as I have been a receiver more than a giver this month. There is a lot more to share but tomorrow afternoon we head for Doha then on to Hong Kong and chaos.



23 thoughts on “Last mango in Venice

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip~ thank you so much for sharing it with us. I doubt that I shall ever travel to Europe but these photos made me feel like I could smell and feel it a little bit. Especially the morning shots which, of course, I shall never see for myself 🙂

  2. Glimpses of our favourite city much enjoyed. The arch/staircase/rooftops and yellow walls is such a striking composition. Love the final shot; there is someone who knows exactly how she wants to live life and has no hassles doing it. I’m interested that your eye lights so much on the colour of the surroundings. For my Venice is coolest, greyest city. I know the colour is there, but I see all the minimal shades.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this journey of yours. Feel as though I’ve got to know some places I really should get to know better. Thank you and safe journey.

  4. Love your selection of random photos from Venice … especially the first one with the trail of coloured lights. Simply magical 🙂
    I enjoyed tagging along with you on your vacation. Your photos, as usual, were gorgeous 🙂

  5. You managed to find a lot of colour as well as the usual frames, Andrew.
    Love the time-lapse in the GC !
    La signora del giornale … brutta. Ecco.

  6. I enjoyed your vacation, too! Thanks for taking the time to blog and share your images with us.
    Take care in HK. I hope you and Mrs. Ha avoid police/government/protesting confrontation. Very worrying.

  7. Love the B&W of the sun rays. Have a safe trip back to chaos! Sounds like a whole lotta bickering going on.

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