Venice Resartus

We are back! And not in Carlyle. Somewhat tired and jaded I admit but upon checking in I met a chap from the club in HK. What a small world. It seems rather poor to blog on in my normal vein when HK’s government fiddles (with tear gas, pepper spray and possibly rubber bullets) whilst the colony burns. Students armed with cling film and umbrellas are not likely to frighten the horses let alone the politicians. The events are being carried everywhere in the media and I offer my usual blather as some light relief.

Venice of course was always ahead of the times and 2014 is no exception. Santa is here already.Xmas

Scary! We had a good transfer from airport to hotel and then checked in to the splendid Londra Palace. Our room has the Italian flag flying on the balcony. A satisfying lunch was followed by a vaporetto across to St. Giorgio and a visit to the top of the bell tower. The Church itself was impressive. Here are some images from our short outing:AcrosstoStMarco BarChart The choir stalls were magnificent. I had very little light and no tripod so this was just resting on whatever happened to be convenient.Choirstalls I liked the way this gent was lit by the late afternoon sun. Quiet contemplation.Highlighted manOtherwise Venice offered its usual miscellany. Bottles are mandatory.Bottles

CampoSZaninovo Here is a dodgy tavern.Dodgy Tavern Taken from our water taxi en route to the hotel…..Salviati And come rain or shine who would wander around Venice without an umbrella?VenetianumbrellaMrs. Ha did like Madrid but said Venice excites her. These folks were less excited by Madrid than she I suspect. Or maybe they had heard we were leaving. And a quick word for Iberia – on time, friendly crew and good service. Who could ask for more.Madrid Group




8 thoughts on “Venice Resartus

  1. Great set of pics. I like the elderly folks sitting as if in anticipation of something dull about to happen. They all appear disenchanted with life. About the way I feel. 🙂 My favorite photos are the lion heads and the man sitting in contemplation in the church/cathedral.

    Awful news about Hong Kong. Is it safe to be there? Perhaps I worry needlessly? Or not?

  2. Same here, that last shot; The dawning of old age has arrived. Classic portrait of the reality of life. Is that all there is? Cheer up folks, you’re in Venice! A nice journey Andrew. Thanks for the trip.

  3. Very unfortunate the news from HK. Excellent timing for your trip. But if you are feeling bad about enjoying yourself, it seems pretty likely to still be going on when you return. 😦

    As a woodworker, I appreciate your image of the choir stalls…wonderful carving and such a nice warm patina to the finish.
    What are the yellow columns?
    The light on the gentleman in contemplation creates a wonderful atmosphere.

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