Kitsch 22

Want an umbrella to jazz up your day? Here are a couple of options:


And at least one person was unhappy. Oi! Where’s my brolly? Or maybe, Friends, Venetians, Countrymen, lend me your brolly.

The answer may be “in Hong Kong”. Umbrella Man is the symbol of the student protests. The yellow umbrella has even made it to Venice, perhaps in sympathy

We shall be home in 12 hours and I can have a serious look at what I have taken over 2.5 weeks. And of course Lulu will be waiting. Barking mad as always. Can’t wait.


14 thoughts on “Kitsch 22

  1. I fancy the first one should only ever be used somewhere like Florence or Rome: the bearer might be regarded oddly, otherwise. 😉

  2. I do not use one myself, bit if I did it would have to be the first one – wonderfully quirky!!
    Looking forward to seeing your shots when you have time. Mrs B and the kids had a long weekend in Venice a few weeks ago and I have just returned from a fortnight on the Isle of Mull with the otters, so need to get posting again!

  3. The umbrella in the first photo is a scream. Nice pics of umbrellas from above. I’m anxious for you and Mrs Ha to get home so you can give us a report of what is happening over your way.

    • The trick is to scan ahead and look for opportunities before they happen. Most never materialise but sometimes people stop, the colours come together or you just find an interesting character. I love people watching.

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