The Grand Canal from Ponte dell’Accademia.

This was my first shot from the bridge at 6.18am, with the whole bridge to myself. I guessed the exposure and it turned out better than I had expected at the time. 58 seconds, iso 400, F16 and an equivalent of 27mm focal length.

From Ponte dell'Accademia

From Ponte dell’Accademia

19 thoughts on “The Grand Canal from Ponte dell’Accademia.

  1. From what little I remember of my film crew days, F16 is somewhat surprising to me.
    Regardless of my imperfect memory, this is a wonderful shot, Andrew !!!

    • F16 gives huge DoF, M.R but also creates nice starry effects around the lights. I could probably have shot at F11 but I also get a longer exposure stopping down further.

      • And I was thinking in terms of daylight shooting anyway, idiot that I am. In the summertime the cameraman was often shooting at 22 …

    • Indeed. Its normally known as twilight and occurs of course morning and evening. You can look at an ephemeris to see the times for your location.

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