You may be forgiven for thinking that my blog has dropped its bird posts altogether. Not so but the health challenges of the last 6-8 months have caused me to reevaluate what is sensible for me to attempt. After successfully negotiating almost 3 weeks on the road in Europe I decided to go to Long Valley yesterday to see if the crake was around.

I arrived about 06.30 and the light was poor. I spent 3 hours there and failed to find the crake but I did take a few shots. None is a close up but just to prove I still ‘do’ birds here is the evidence. They are all exceedingly common starting with this White-breasted Waterhen chick.

Amaurornis phoenicurus A Black Drongo – very skittish but found all over the valley yesterday.Black Drongo And a Common SnipeCommon SnipeI also had good flight views of Greater Painted Snipe and Cinnamon Bittern but they were too quick for me.

I then went to Mai Po to pick up my Frontier Closed Area permit. There I bumped into John Holmes and Martin H. I felt about 70% ok at the end of the morning. The heat still drained me but I felt I could get about for a few hours. I think the trick is to wait for cooler days and be sensible about what I can achieve nowadays. So all in all a satisfactory experiment.



12 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. I am glad on two fronts. That you are now back home safe and sound and also taking care with what you attempt.

    If you find that you are not able to chase the birds quite so much, I’d say that you are doing some fine landscapes based on your trip photographs, Andrew. HK ceertainly has plenty of views for you to work with and I imagine not all are tiring treks…maybe some are even drive bys. 🙂

  2. Oh, that shot of the snipe is just wonderful. Also, I just saw a newsclip by Katie Couric about the umbrellas, titled, appropiately enough, “Now I Get It!”. Ahh, Now I get it. I hope you won’t start getting censored.
    I hope you are feeling well…

  3. Jesus CHRIST, Andrew ! – you keep making these statements about how you should look after yourself as if they’ve only just occurred to you !!!
    Get it RIGHT, OK ? – find out EXACTLY what you can/can’t and should/shouldn’t do, and then DO IT !!!!!!!!!!
    If I ever receive one of those emails that tells me you’ve kicked the bucket, I’ll KILL you.

    • It can do Hilary. However Long Valley has very little cover and it is the finding of the birds that needs the effort. Once found they are often secretive and moving in and out of the reeds etc. So it is hard work but if you find the bird you do get to sit down for a while to take the photos. I carried my Walkstool 🙂

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