Alta Acqua Libreria

Before I even arrived in Venice I had been told to look for this odd bookshop.

Alta Acqua Libreria6

We found it open one morning and I spent a happy 20-30 minutes browsing and chuckling to myself at the ‘design’. Inside, apart from all the books, is a full size gondola. Full of books of course. And two figures in Carnevale costume. Alta Acqua Libreria5

Alta Acqua Libreria4The shop has a back door that serves as a fire exit.Alta Acqua Libreria2

Alta Acqua Libreria3And like every self-respecting bookshop it has a cherub or two.Alta Acqua Libreria1I bought two books of photographs of Venice – looking for ideas as much as anything. I did not look at them until I arrived home. One was rather ordinary but I did enjoy Serenissima – Venice in Winter by Frank van Riper and Judith Goodman. In addition to some excellent photos it has a generous helping of entertaining and instructive text. I forget what I paid for it – maybe 30 Euros. A very different insight into Venice without the tourists. Maybe it sewed the germ of an idea in my mind.

Don’t miss this bookshop if you go to Venice. Pop in and say ciao to Luigi, the owner.He is something of a character. Probably he thinks the rest of us are eccentric. Maybe he is right.

Calle Longa S.M. Formosa 5176; Castello 30122 Venezia it says on the bookmarks. He also does B&B if you don’t mind sharing with a cherub.




16 thoughts on “Alta Acqua Libreria

  1. Bookshops, like English pubs, are an endangered species. But, happily, the better they are the less endangered they are. I reckon that one will be around for a while.

  2. Bookshops will continue, even if just for browsing. For many years now recipe books are what most bookshops feature in their windows. Even though more and more people take away or graze at shopping malls food courts.
    I love that photo of the fire escape into a canal.

  3. I am shocked, shocked, I tell you, that you didn’t have to ship home a trunk full of books form that shop, Andrew. I always lose a little control at old bookshops and this one has such ambiance. Was the chair free to take or free to be sat upon? 🙂

    • I would have liked to have done so, Steve but I also have to think about where to put them when they get here! I think you just get to sit on the chair and admire the fire escape.

  4. Oh, I do like Luigi and his cats and his eccentric book store. I’m so happy you found it. You covered a lot of territory in a short time.

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