Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

When we spent our day here in June I purchased a photograph of one of the archways that surround the square. It was hand printed, sepia tinted and we liked it. Very moody.

Foolishly I remarked that it would have been easy to take and if we were ever to return to Salamanca I would take my own version. Of course this is a ridiculous idea. Why copy someone else’s work? Nevertheless I decided to try.

The first challenge was that we did not have a copy of the original with us and so I did not really recall what it was that I was trying to achieve. We did not agree on what it looked like. In some ways this was good because it meant we spent ages looking at every conceivable angle (except, as it turned out, the right one). We had also ‘forgotten’ that the original included every day items of daily life in the square. Cafe chairs for example. In our minds the original photo was pristine and uncluttered. How had the photographer managed it? He or she had not but we did not see the intrusions in our mind. We saw and recalled what we wanted to recall.

In the end I did not take a single archway photo that I was happy with. The exploration however spanned an hour before dawn until well after darkness had fallen. I discovered places where I could shoot against the light to create strong silhouettes. The experience was valuable if based on all the wrong thought processes.

Here is the only shot I have so far processed that might make the final cut.

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

It struggles with perspective and of course all those wretched people. Perhaps I shall have to think it out again and have another go. But I have resolved for the time being against more long haul travel so that may be problematic and is of course a story for another day.



14 thoughts on “Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

  1. Nice picture, trying to recreate a great shot is an excellent learning project, as you end up experimenting and looking at the area in different ways. I am with you on the pesky people.

  2. If only the people were not ruining the photo. 🙂 I suppose that you would have to be there at 3 am to avoid any person marring your image, but then there would be no light. I like sepia as about as much as I like monochrome so this pic is very pretty.

  3. This made me chuckle, as I have experienced the same thing. In my case it was my memories of the San Francisco area as a place to live. My heart was quite stubborn on insisting on its version of things, and quite reluctant to accept the realities, such as scandalous prices, decrepit hovels passing as housing, and all those dratted people. I am reluctantly coming to accept the Midwest as home. Let’s wait to see what I’m saying when the snows are blowing…

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