What I shot with in Venice

These stats are actually for the whole trip, Venice, Madrid & Salamanca. Before we left I summarised what I was taking to Europe in this post:


I have now looked back at what was used the most. In my Lightroom catalogue there are ~1800 files including the processed jpegs that I post here. So maybe 1700 original kept files, some of which will definitely be deleted. ~1500 are Fujifilm X-T1 files and the rest from the Fujifilm X100s. Quite a few of the X100s files are duplicates as I shot RAW and monochrome jpegs in tandem. But the stats may help guide anyway.

By far and away the most used lens was the 18-55mm zoom. ~75% of my X-T1 shots were with this lens. It is a superb travel lens. The wide-angle 10-24mm and tele-zoom 55-200mm each clocked up 10%. So the 14mm prime and 56mm were excess weight – not wanted on voyage.

Most of the tele-zoom shots were taken on the final morning when I was shooting from our hotel room balcony – the rain scenes. The lesson is try to find a vantage point and spend time people watching. This lens isolated moments amongst the crowds.

25% of my shots were taken at iso 3200! That seems very high. 37% were taken at iso 200, the lowest RAW format iso on the X-T1. Remember the high iso shots will be those taken at night without flash using the X100s. I am so glad I took this. Light, small, discreet and with excellent image quality.

17% of my shots were taken at shutter speeds of 1/25s to 6 minutes. That is firmly in tripod territory. I believe that if you go to Venice in particular without a tripod you will miss some great opportunities. Travelling with a light camera means you can afford the weight of a tripod. I took my old Gitzo 1531 and a small Gitzo ballhead. I packed them separately in my check-in luggage. I did not carry the tripod all the time but we were never too far from our hotel and most days, if energy levels were good, I would go out pre-dawn with the tripod, return for breakfast, dump the tripod and go off for the day. Then I would pick it up again at dinner time.

Choosing strategically located hotels is helpful. In Venice we stayed at the Aqua Palace, half-way between St. Mark’s and the Rialto Bridge and then for the second stint there in the Londra Palace. In Madrid we used the Only You hotel and later the Alicia. In Salamanca we stayed at the Don Gregorio. We booked what were termed ‘Junior Suites’ in each hotel. Only at the Don Gregorio was it really a suite – otherwise just large rooms. We shopped online and did everything through Booking.com to get the best prices but kid yourself not, Venice is not cheap. Spain was much more reasonable.

And that’s it. Travel light, take plenty of storage capacity – I used about 55Gb of card space and plenty of batteries. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “What I shot with in Venice

  1. Your shooting schedule sounds like mine. I go out early on my own with the larger gear while Mary Beth sleeps and then go back when she is awake, coffeeeeeeeed up and ready to go.

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