By the light of the gibbering moon

A very quick post of some moon shots. It was supposed to be red but it didn’t look very red to me. I tweaked the temperature slightly to help it but broadly speaking it was a bit of a disappointment. Way too much cloud I’m afraid. Just grabbed shots between cloud surges.




Lunareclipse5NB: It is cheese (Caerphilly)

Morgan the Moon



31 thoughts on “By the light of the gibbering moon

  1. The ‘node’ low right gives the disturbing impression that this is really an orange, bleached to disguise it.

  2. We went, we saw, we “gibbered”….. but patchy cloud at Tai Po kept the moon fans on their toes.

    The moon rose “eclipsed” apparently, I was afraid we’d see nothing at all.

    Nice shots.

    • Agreed, Ben. I think only the very early eclipse images look truly red – it seems to get paler as the evening goes on. We had thick cloud until almost 8pm.

  3. Actually, for a short while here the moon was red…not brilliant red, but the tinge was there. My digital camera hardly shows that there was a moon at all, though. Your pictures are great.

  4. Well, it was very red here in the Land Down Under. It totally freaked my sissy cat! I’m glad the sky was clear to see this strange eclipse.

    Thanks for the totally cool photos, Sir Andrew.

  5. ‘GIBBERING’ ???
    Always tricky doing that”many will think you believe it to be the right word, you idiot ! [grin]
    These are superb shots, regardless of lack of blood. Morgan seems to have been more anæmic than he orta, eh, Andrew ? 🙂

  6. Very nice! It wasn’t very red here in the California desert either, but beautiful to see the stars brighten and the milky way come out as the shadow spread.

  7. Wish you were here! At 5:30 am here it was as red as red can be. I got a shot with my camerone… looks like an orange blob on black velvet! Ha!

  8. Was it supposed to be a “blood moon”? It doesn’t look very bloody to me. But they are still great photos.
    In Europe we just had a large yellow “hunter’s moon” last night. No blood.

  9. If these are disappointingI’m glad I left my camera in its bag. The moon hung low and huge in the sky as we walked Jolly this morning. Thought at one moment that she was preparing to howl but the moment turned into a movement. Brilliant shots. Now I’ve got to aim for the moon.

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