The benefits of printing

I do not very often print my photos. Even if I like something we have nowhere left to hang pictures. However I wanted to see the first batch of holiday snaps on paper, just to get a feel for which might be candidates for a larger print. So I toddled off to Fotomax and had 70+ postcard sized prints done. I was pleasantly surprised that most were acceptable and gave me a very good feel for where I need to improve. I see things on a print, even a small print, that I don’t see on a screen.

If you remember ‘The Face’, well it looks good as a print and it is on my list of candidates for a bigger print. So is this:


This stone carving looks surprisingly good as a print:


And this has me thinking…..Light

I am becoming ‘braver’ with light. Most of this is very dark with just a hint of detail and in the past I would probably never even have taken this shot.

I am boastful enough to think that a few could well be sold as postcards or even prints in their own right. I don’t think I have ever felt that before. It is a slightly uncomfortable feeling of satisfaction tinged with frustration at what might have been.

I learned that some of my images are too dark and I need to process them better – none is too light so I am evidently tending to under expose / process. It teaches me that there are multiple ways to process the same shot, not just colour or black and white. I must print more often. That then takes me back to challenge of what to do with all the prints. For now my priority is to try and find the Stejneger’s Stonechat that was in the garden a few minutes ago. Only my second record for the site. If I do find it and post a picture I shall add the tag “Venice” as on recent track record it seems that doing so doubles my visitors for the day. So just to keep us honest, here is another Venetian scene, which is, I understand, The Bridge of the Two Swords.


As ever, all shots taken with the Fujifilm X-T1.


18 thoughts on “The benefits of printing

  1. It’s strange, but my visitors drop if I don’t post about Venice/Italy. How do they know?

    I’m so chuffed for you that you got such satisfaction seeing your photos in print. Maybe one option is to make some of them into a photo book, using a site such as Shutterfly or Blurb.

      • They do a darn good job. You have nothing to lose, really. With your photos, I think you’d produce a mighty fine product! And, there you go, gifts for special people on their special days! Go for it.

        Oh, and you also do all sorts of other stuff .. illustrated notebooks, calendars, greeting cards, etc.

  2. I love the stone carving. Lots of texture.
    I do find it odd what posts get peeps attention. .. Sadly, I have a post about how to read a regular deck of cards like a tarot deck (nothing to do with plants!) and that post from last year still gets 150ish hits a day. Odd.

  3. It took me a while to find a good place to print my images, not because the quality was bad but that the printers had their computers closely colour calibrated to my own esp when it came to brightness. I would love to print my own prints as that is the third step in the image and I would love to have that control back. Great pictures glad you found pleasure in your prints.

  4. Lovely work as always Andrew and a reminder of the thrill and expectation of receiving 36 prints from the days of film. There is something so nice to touch and hand round prints and I am as guilty as you of simply having my shots on a computer. I have an A4 Canon printer which I have not used for a couple of years and it gives surprisingly good results, certainly good enough to guage whether they would be worth a larger professional print. Re keywording, a couple of years ago, I put up a rather lovely shot onto my Flickr account of a Blue Tit fledgling on his first day out of the nest in my garden with traces of downy feathers remaining. Even now it is often my most viewed daily shot with people searching the term “Tit” :0)

  5. There is something quite satisfying about seeing a print of an image one created. Especially on heavyweight paper…tactile pleasure as well as an eye appeal superior to a backlit display. If for no one else, you might want to do a book just for yourselves, Andrew. Sandra does that for their trips and they enjoy that greatly.

  6. I’m late since I missed this one somehow. But Steve has the right idea. Make a book or several books of the very best. You have many I know but that is one way to keep your photographic efforts alive.

  7. Oh, Andrew, Once people get a taste of your wit and your imagery, surely they will come back regardless of tags!
    One of these days I would very much like to own one of your excellent prints, but making the choice will be very difficult indeed.

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