Phylloscopus fuscatus – Dusky Warbler

Another garden visitor today. This one refused to leave the cover of the rough grass so these are not especially ‘pretty’ pictures. I always like to see the species in the garden though as a clear sign the migrants and winter visitors are around.

I have included the back view so you can see the wear and tear on the feathers – this bird has heavily abraded scapulars. It is always worth looking closely at these birds to see if they might be Radde’s or the much rarer Yellow-streaked Warbler.


Dusky Warbler1



10 thoughts on “Phylloscopus fuscatus – Dusky Warbler

  1. I have a great love for these little ‘domestic’ birds … by which I mean the small ones that are so familiar as to raise little interest.
    These are terrific shots, Andrew ! I’m so happy you’re back and we can expect more of this kind.

  2. True, Steve…. although I confess that the lovely thrasher I photographed the other day may soon appear in a carefully composed sumac, rather than the mown grass he insisted on pulling worms from!

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