Music through the ages


Baroque uproar – there was no colour then. I think he was singing “I do like to be beside the seaside” by Puccini. That’s Arthur Puccini from Skegness. I Musici VenezianiBut they still liked plenty of loot.LuteYou can still hear the violins play:ViolinistAnd a little coffee house music never goes amiss – klitsch klaschLavenamusicians

MarcoOr it can all end sadly in a broke dance (in which I pretend to have lost my credit card when Mrs. Ha wants to buy something expensive).BreakDance


The only photo I don’t have is the girl with the accordion. Well, que sera sera.


19 thoughts on “Music through the ages

  1. We’ve had some serendipitous musical experiences in Venice. We got tickets for an opera in the charming Goldoni Theatre and discovered we were watching the locals putting on a show for friends and family, splendid fun, if musically a little short of Covent Garden. We attended brilliant piano recital in the Ca’ Rezzonica (closed until 5 mins after the concert should have started). Only amusing in retrospect was our first visit to the newly rebuilt opera house, when I fainted (high fever) in the front stalls and had the dramatic attentions of new first aid team. Luckily it was the last act of a weird opera, so our friends were very understanding.

    • I Musici Veneziani were very good but the seating was cramped for long legs. We tried La Fenice but no luck. Part of the problem was my desire to photograph by night. After that and dinner it was too late for most concerts.

  2. Is that last guy having a seizure? Better safely put your wallet in his mouth to stop him from biting his tongue and keep your cc safe from the Misses!

    • I believe, ma’am, it is called break dancing. The court of human decency must reach its own verdict on the public displays of such behaviour. I merely recorded the evidence.

  3. Yes, and so many want to make it. Venice attracts so many people so it seems logical that hopefuls want to try it there. Alas, chances are they won’t make it. The law of averages, ( and talent). But, if enjoyment is the aim, no worries and good luck to them.

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