Mrs. Ha and I are committed dog snappers. They always elicit an ahhhh! from us. Unless, like Milo they are trying to tear a chunk out of us. In Europe we found the dogs extremely well behaved and courteous. We saw none smoking. There was no sign of canine intoxication and very little bad language.

Here are some of our favourites caught on ‘film’. Many of these would have done credit to some of the Great Masterpieces hanging in the galleries and I hope perhaps a contemporary master artist will find a way to pay homage to the dogs we befriended. By the way, based on our behaviour, buskers with dogs have a vastly greater chance of getting a coin or two in the hat. I may have to take Lulu out and give it a try.

Candidate number one was really rather confused by our attention.Dog Stare Number two did not wake in all the time we were in Venice. Let sleeping dogs lie.Dog tired The silliest dog-hair style award goes to number three.Dogstyle A highly suspicious pooch. Well it was late at night. Me? You wanna photograph me? Why??Waiting dog Venice’s most laid back dog. On a vap’. Not muzzled and probably this one had been smoking something sweet. Its just kind of, well, far out man. Got any bhang you can share? Lying Dog And finally Salamanca’s guiltiest dog. Oh for heaven’s sake don’t tell the biped. Its just instinct you know. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t split on me.GuiltydogAnd late contributions from Mrs. Ha’s dog shots…. Busker and dog in SalamancaBuskerndogAnd the oldest dog in town making a fashion statement.AH on the Vap


36 thoughts on “Dog(s)nappers

  1. I kinda hoped to see you hung about with 15 or so cameras, meters, film boxes ( ! ) and so forth.
    Well, that’s what I was used to … 😀

  2. If I went busking with Jolly very few would be allowed anywhere near the hat. You look very fashionable indeed. Europe feels a better place for your visit. Come back soon.

    • It is not very often I am associated with the word fashionable. The scarves have a practical purpose however – keeping dust off cameras, keeping rain off cameras, acting as a cushion support on stone walls, lassoing stray wife when she goes shopping………. very useful indeed.

  3. Rod says your suave and I say you are one clever and cheeky dude. I call’um like I see’um. Lots of guys are dudes to me. Just joking here, Andrew or maybe not. 🙂

    Loved the dog photos and the titles/ descriptions of each one. My favorites are the Border Collie and the dog in the first photo who appears bored and indifferent. Too funny. Please shoot more dogs- figuratively speaking that is. 🙂

  4. haha…these shots are great! canines make for some pretty cool subjects. though I must admit to being completely in the dark(room) on the breed of your last photo…care to ‘shed’ some light Andrew? 😉

  5. I am delighted that our paths have crossed here today. I love what I see and read and I look forward to visiting more and going down more hills, in the future. Thanks!

  6. I don’t know, Gerard. That last dog looks like he’d follow you home and take over the whole place. Pretty cool dresser though, with the scarf and all.

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