I managed to reset my camera by mistake today and returned home only with jpegs. No RAW files. The Fuji did me proud, starting with this frame:


More to follow.  And a huge thank you to dog lovers everywhere. Yesterdays dogs were very well received. I might have to shoot pooches more often. Well they shoot  horses, don’t they?

22 thoughts on “Candlelight

  1. I’ve done that on occasion too, Andrew. Usually though it is ISO rather than format. The Fuji indeed did you proud…or probably better is that you did the Fuji proud. Either way, nicely did.

  2. And Canoes, if I’m not mistaken.
    It is fun to see what you will photograph next, as they are all different. This one has wonderful atmosphere. Lovely!
    Also, yesterday, I was particularly struck by the wise old man with his dog.

    • Canoes? Wise old man? Which post was this? Yes my photography is often different. Guilty as charged. I’ll try to do better in future.

  3. I’m going to need some advice that I’m sure is in the “Blimey! Don’t you even know that category?” Do I need special software such as Lightroom before I can start shooting RAW? Mind you, if jpeg does this well I may not bother.

    • You need software that converts RAW files to a format suitable for printing or web publishing. Some / most manufacturers have their own that comes with the camera. However Adobe is the most common as in ARC, Adobe RAW Converter. RAW files tend to look flat as they are just the raw data the sensor collects. They are unprocessed. No added vibrance, contrast, sharpening etc. you can choose all that yourself. Same with white balance. Even if you shoot in RAW what you see on your camera’s LCD is a jpeg – processed by the camera. If you only shoot jpegs the processing is already done when you download the files. You can tweak them a bit but not much. Fuji has a reputation for producing top notch jpegs. You can change your jpeg settings in the camera menu (mostly) but once you have chosen them they are fixed until you change them in the menu. Processing options are limited. There is free processing software available such as GIMP but a good starting point is Photoshop Elements from Adobe. No such thing as a dumb question.

  4. I like the word ‘capture’ better! 😃 No death implied. You’ll always get a star from me when animals are presented!

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